Oricon Special Interview with U-Kiss

It’s been about 2 months since your debut, have you adapted to Japan?

[Everyone] Not at all!
[Hoon] Since we’re too busy, we can’t go play around.
[Soohyun] But I went to Don Quijote. There are many things there, so it’s interesting.
[Kevin] It’s nice that shops are open for 24 hours. I buy food often.
[Hoon] There are things for lifestyle also. Things like pillows and hangers.
[Soohyun] And rollers (laughs). I’m just playing around, for everyone to have fun.
―But is it bad when the fans see you?
[Hoon] No, (the fans) have not found us yet.
―So then, this Spring which fashion do you want to try?
[Hoon] I’ll be naked from the waist up (laughs)! I’ll show my muscles.
[Hoon] I’m lying (laughs). In spring we want to be warm, and in summer we want to be cool. The colors black and white together are chic. I also want to try fancy designed silver accessories.
[Kiseop] I also like monotone. I want to dress in jeans and a white shirt with a jacket, to give it a simple feel. The point is to find leather work boots that will suit you.
[Kevin] I’m similar to Kiseop, I like to dress in T-shirts and jeans. Since it’s spring, I want to wear a nice blue shirt, and I want to wear a fedora or cute straw hats.
[Soohyun] I also think a hat is one of the items you’d want to wear in the spring. I think you could match a trench coat and skinny jeans for a cool appearance.
[Eli] I like simple clothes like jeans with a T-shirt, and you can accent with a cool belt and accessories. More recently, I want a silver metal watch.
[AJ] I’m addicted to ONE PIECE, so I want to dress like Luffy. For the whole spring, blue toned thin and long shirts, short pants, and slip-on (shoes) with no socks. I want to wear a straw hat to feel cool.
―Thank you. “Forbidden Love” is your new song. What was your impression when you first heard it?
[Soohyun] I think it’s a strong and sexy image. The dance and facial expressions have a sexy appeal to them.
[Eli] During the chorus part you wave your body, it’s a distinctive dance.
[Kiseop] Since it was the first time I did a sexy dance, I was embarrassed at first.
[Dongho] It was fun simply because of the fast beat and dance. The lyrics included a lot of nuance and fresh content, once you knew (the lyrics), didn’t the meaning become more interesting?
―The lyrics of “Forbidden Love” have shocking content. Would you desire such a romance?
[Soohyun] The song is cool, but actually, since this kind of love is popular, it’s okay.
[Hoon] But there’s some interest in it…… isn’t there a thrill?
[Eli] No, at first that love is thrilling, but I think over time it becomes painful. Well after all, normal love is the best kind of love.
―Among the members, who’s dangerous to fall in love with?
[Hoon] I think Kevin.
[AJ] I also think Kevin.
[Hoon] Because he’s very pure, all the girls would like him.
[Kevin] I also think so. But if she’s a bad girl, it’s not good. (laughs).
[Hoon] Soohyun is also dangerous. Because he’s a strong man, he’ll riskily pour out his powerful affections.
[Soohyun] Embarrassing! I don’t do that (laughs).
― The new song is released at the same time as the 1st album. What are the contents?
[Soohyun] This time our theme is to appeal with diverse music. Our debut song “Tick Tack” and now “Forbidden Love” show our strong and sexy side, while other songs show a gentle yet manly romanticist side. Other than dance, there are also vocal songs, so I think that people can enjoy a variety of our work.
―Do you have a favorite song in particular that you’d recommend?
[Kiseop] The album’s title song, “A Shared Dream”. I really like ballads, and the song along with the dance will give you a relaxed feeling.
[Hoon] Also for this song’s music video, Kevin dove into water.
[Kevin] That shot was hard! I was underwater from 3 o’clock in the morning through most of the day.
[Eli] I recommend “Show Me Your Smile”. Because it’s a very bright and fun song, people who are listening together will liven up. I want to sing it at a concert soon.
―You’ve also recorded Japanese versions of some of your Korean songs. Is it good in Japanese? Is there something good within the Japanese (of the song)?
[Soohyun] The Korean song is a lot more strong and aggressive, but the Japanese suits it as well. Japanese has a strong pronunciation and a lot of accent for each word, and the melody fits the beat. Although it’s easier to sing in Korean, to properly understand the meaning in Japanese, we put emotion into our singing. By all means, I want the Japanese fans to listen to the Japanese version.
[Kiseop] This time, I want not only the strong beats to be heard, but also the ballads on the album to show the soft and gentle side of U-KISS.
―By the way, everyone’s personal strength is being strong? Being friendly?
[Hoon] (We) have either of those but…… anyway, everyone is genuine?
[Soohyun] The members are really rambunctious with each other. Our presence with each other is good (laughs).
source – latest in kpop tumblr