T-ara’s Eunjung injures her left knee

Core Contents Media has announced that girl group T-ara’s Eunjung has injured her left knee. The agency has also announced her medical results on the 25th, which showed an injured knee and an average of 6 weeks needed for recovery.

Eunjung, who’s currently promoting “Lovey Dovey” together with the other T-ara members, was heading home from practice on the 24th at 11:50PM when she slipped on a snowy road near her house and injured her left knee. She was immediately rushed to the hospital to receive treatment and to get some X-rays taken.

Even though her condition seems to have improved now, Core Contents Media has decided to monitor her condition before cancelling any of her schedules. Eunjung is currently actively promoting with her fellow T-ara members.

Source: Naver News + koreaboo

Dongho injured in a shoot

Noooo!! How can U-Kiss perform without their cute maknae?? I hope he gets better soon! Hwaiting Dongho!

While preparing and practicing action scenes for the movie “Holy Land”, U-Kiss’s maknae sustained injuries to his tailbone.

After filming for the scenes, the boy group member had noticed something was off and was admitted to the hospital just a day later. After examinations it was revealed that he had sustained a fracture on his tailbone.

He is currently undergoing treatment for the injury, but it is said that he won’t be able to participate in the choreography for their upcoming Japanese promotions. The group will be releasing their debut single “Tick Tack” on December 14th.

Source: Rocketbox and edaily

Additional credit: Koreaboo.com