93-94 Kpop idols are finally High School Graduates

I am guessing Dongho will be graduating next year and Kai/IU despite being 94ers were born earlier in the year. It’s confusing since this year all the 94ers should be graduating. Various more of them graduated but I am too sleepy and lazy to go find their pictures.





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Hoik’s Happy New Year Message

안녕하세요 더블에이 팬여러분 !!
저는 호익이에요. 지금 쇼K뮤직 대기중이에요.

오늘은 팬여러분들이 올린 머리가 좋다고 하시는 말씀 많이들 하셔서
선생님께 말씀드려서 특별히 올려봤습니다^^

그리고 요즘 이런저런 활동에 미쳐서그래 리믹스 준비에 정말 바쁜 하루하루를 보내고있어서 팬여러분께 신경을 잘못써드린점 정말정말 죄송합니다.
이번에 미쳐서 그래 리믹스 정말 열심히 준비했으니깐 많이많이 기대해주세요!
특히 우라형이랑 우상형이 정말 신경 많이 쓰셨으니깐 많이많이 기대해주세요!

마지막으로 저희 팬여러분들 항상 저희를 응원해주시고 아껴주셔서 정말정말 감사드리고요
저희의 마음을 한명한명씩 다 전해드리고싶지만 할수없어서 아쉬울뿐이네요!ㅠ
공방에 와주시는 팬 여러분, 저희 카페에서 활동해주시는 많은 팬분들
그리고 아직 뵌적 없는 지방팬분들과 해외팬분들까지 한분한분 다 만나뵙고 싶어요!

항상 사랑하는 팬여러분 앞으로도 저희 더블에이 많이많이사랑해주시고 아껴주세요! ^^
감사합니당!! ㅅㄱ

Hello all Double A fans!!
This is Hoik. Right now we are about to record Show K Music.

I love those fans who came today and I have so many words I want to say to you and our teacher that I made a special appearance here today.

Also, lately we’ve been very busy every day with all sorts of activities and with making the Remix version of Because I’m Crazy, so we haven’t been able to meet our fans a lot, and we’re very, very sorry.
We’re doing our very best preparing the remix version of Because I’m crazy, so please look forward to it a lot!
Especially Aoora hyung and Woosang hyung have been working hard, so look forward to it a lot!

Lastly, to our fans who are always cheering for us and looking out for us, we are so, so thankful
We wish we could personally thank every single one of you, but sadly we cant!
The fans who’s come to our practice room, the fans being active on our fan-cafe, and the fans we haven’t seen yet, our overseas fans, we want to meet you all!

To our fans that we will always love, please give lots of love to Double A in the future and support us! ^^
Thank you so much!!


Credit: Double A’s fan cafe
translated by mbcqueen@AmazingStars

More information about AA

user posted image


☆ Kimchi (1993) ☆

Before debut: I used to play the clarinet, but then I got into popular music. My real name is “Yooyeh Hyanggi.” I received the role of maknae “Kimchi” while I was auditioning, and the president gave me the name Kimchi since I passed.
Did you want this nickname?: There are times when I miss hearing people say my real name.
We are a little different: We don’t have a main vocal. Oora hyung distributes the parts according to each person’s personality. We take care of each other well so we don’t fight over it.
What you are #1 at: It’s definitely aegyo. Sorry about that.

☆ Woosang (1990) ☆

Before debut: I did choreography. The team’s choreographer, vocals, and charismatic leader. My real name is Woo Sangsoo.
The part of your body you’re most confident in: My collarbones when they are wet with water. I look to make the most of my resources. The more you understand your body, the more you can feel it.
Favorite quote: “I have sense. I am a sensible guy.”
The best things in life: Double A’s formation. I will believe in this forever.
A wish for one year later: To laugh while looking at my bankbook
Fans don’t know: Kimchi is a real man.

☆ Juwon (1988) ☆

Before debut: I was recruited by the manager while getting coffee on a street.
Do you want a nickname?: Explorer-dols, since we make our own songs, choreography, and costuming.
What you are #1 at: Cooking. Instead of things like fried rice, I make carbonara to feed the rest of the members. It’s satisfying.
The part of your body you’re most confident in: My legs when they are straight and unbent.
Happiest moment: Appearing at our first stage with Ha Ji Won sunbae. It was really amazing.

☆ Hoik (1993) ☆

Before debut: In Busan I won a competition with 1 to 1000 odds. I took with Kimchi the maknae role.
We are a little different: We are close to each other like brothers.
What you are #1 at: Being quiet. In the group I am a guy with few words. But I think the definition of manliness is being able to drive well. Our manager hyung is the best man.
Fans don’t know: Juwon hyung. He’s pretty delicate. He might seem indifferent, but he’s really a warm guy.
To fans: Thank you, always. I love you. ♡

☆ Aoora (1986) ☆

Songs written by Aoora and Woosang’s choreography. The team began like this.

Writer. Musical Composition. Arrangement. His duty as eldest hyung.

Real name, Park Geunee.


Super baby-faced, purple-dol producer.


There is a somewhat of an age difference between the members and I, but instead of keeping eachother in check, we are more like a family who relies on eachother.


Juwon-goon’s appearance is perfect, however, he has short fingers.


Even if we’re not able to take care of you for one minute, you are all precious to us and we are thankful towards you.

Credit: fuckyeahhoik.tumblr.com + barowoo.tumblr.com + http://amazingstars.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showtopic=657

Kimchi and Hoik talk about each other

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☆ Kimchi talks about Hoik ☆

When I first saw Hoik, a freshman, it was the first time I’d seen someone so handsome. It felt a little chic, the way the older noonas like him so much. The number of noonas that would come visit during break time, it was really a lot. But one day while I was a second year with a friend, I saw Hoik in front of the convenience store with a friend I knew, drinking soda. When I went over to say hi, he was just playing rock paper scissors to see who would pay for the drinks, his personality was really genuinely friendly. By actively getting to know each other by seeing him often, I realized again that “people should not judge too quickly based on first impressions.” (Editor: Have you heard anything about Hoik’s popularity?) I’ll tell you exactly, Hoik is the kind of person that if he ever had a girlfriend, he would never tell his friends that he had one. Secretly dating is his style. Anyways, his popularity could get him a lot of girlfriends. So, what did Hoik say about me?

☆ Hoik talks about Kimchi ☆

I met Kimchi at school, where he was a really lively kid. Honestly, at first I was somewhat suspicious, thinking, “Is this a trick of some sort?” …Bright, bright, he was bright. (laughs) But after getting to be more comfortable friends with him, I found that he was deeper than just a kid. I feel like you can rely on him a lot, like a hyung. At first we got closer through betting on rock, paper, scissors with our two other friends. But now that I’m talking about it, I think Kimchi and I got the closest. So I think that soda means a lot to me and Kimchi’s friendship. I don’t know what Kimchi thinks about that, though. (laughs)

A Report About HoIk

“I am Double A’s maknae and vocal, Hoik. With dreams of becoming a singer, I moved from Busan to Seoul. Please take good care of us kids with many dreams.”

Although he is the maknae of the team, watching his aegyo, you can tell he is definitely a match of a pure 100% Busan guy (1). Recently Hoik has even been told “Speak more!” in many places. As an only child having no siblings since he was in elementary school, he had a lot of free time at home. Whenever he was bored, he would watch TV broadcasts of idol appearances, so naturally he developed his dream of becoming a singer. To achieve his dream, in junior high he decided to venture to Seoul. With one goal of becoming a singer in Seoul he spent 2-3 months, every day he worked hard in practice for 12 hours or more. In the practice room, he came to be seen as a “practice freak.” Hoik recalled those memories as being “hard times.” Did his perseverance compensate for achieving his dream? Stepping onstage, he has made Korean girls’ hearts beat faster and created the image of a chic personality in the public mind, causing waves. In fact, recently what Hoik hears the most is “Well done!” in admiration. As a pure 100% chic man, Hoik can become a well-loved trendy male idol loved. But more important to Hoik is the belief in a dream. His efforts didn’t betray him, as he went on stage today with enthusiasm. In his mind, he repeats “Let’s perform this stage the best that we can!” with a focused determination, showing that he was a teen about to become an adult (2). This has been a short report on the beautiful growth of a young man, Hoik. “Now, as a teenager or an adult, I’m living day by day with a feeling of excitement. In my 20s, I’d rather achieve my special goals by focusing on activities with Double A. I want to make sure that a lot of people will know about Double A.”

Credit: Translated by: fuckyeahhoik.tumblr.com + http://amazingstars.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showtopic=659

Double A’s thoughts about each other



☆ Juwon about Aoora ☆

Aoora is of course responsible for the role of Double A’s grandfather. He is the most experienced and the one we can learn a lot from.

☆ Aoora about Woosang ☆

If I’m the grandfather of Double A then Woosang is the father! Being leader is a tough role where he must guide the team. He also has to keep the atmosphere cooperative. It’s not an easy role to have, so thank you. There’s a lot of points people can learn from you as a friend.

☆ Woosang about Hoik ☆

Hoik’s nature is gentlemanly and very sincere. He’s really a practice beast. Unlike other idol groups who have scheduled practices, we just practice whenever we think we need to. He’s always the one practicing the most. He’s a Busan guy that you should always have near you!

☆ Hoik about Kimchi ☆

Hyung seems to be like a cute little brother, the maknae. There are still times I’m not sure which one he is. He really has many friends. If you stay around, you begin to see his new appeal. In the future you should keep an eye out for his charm.

☆ Kimchi about Juwon ☆

Our team’s mom! In our house we don’t know how to use the rice-cooker. Instead, it’s Juwon hyung who’s responsible for a lot of our meals. In the morning when you open your eyes, you can hear the relaxing sounds of Juwon hyung busy cooking in the kitchen. He really is like a mom. He’s good at cooking a lot of things, like pizza, carbonara, dakbokkeumtang (spicy chicken stew), his whole menu is brilliant. If you misuse the kitchen though he’ll really nag at you. On the surface, he gives off a cool impression, but once you get to know him he’s a really fun and warm hyung.

translations by fuckyeahhoik