C.A.P apologizes for his remark

Hmm…I am going to give him the benefit of doubt that he didn’t really mean what he said. Though, it was offensive nonetheless.

[Public Apology] This is Teen Top’s CAP.

This is Teen Top’s CAP.

I would like to sincerely apologise for the huge mistake I made during last week’s Mnet Wide Broadcast.

In the midst of the interview, what I wanted to express came out as a different intention and representation so I received a lot of reprimanding from many people; of course it was only appropriate to be receiving such reprimands and I’m giving it much thought.

Because there are much criticisms towards me and even my team, my heart really hurts and I am sincerely reflecting upon the damage done by my mistake.

Once again, I am bowing down in apology

In future, I will be a more careful and discreet person.

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Teen Top’s Leader’s sexist remark sparks controversy

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Teen Top leader CAP’s sexist remarks have become a hot topic.

During a recent appearance on Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News,” pop group Teen Top discussed the topic of what Teen Top will be like in 10 years.

When discussing what kind of father he will be at age 30, Teen Top’s leader CAP said, “My child will grow up coolly. If it’s a son, I’ll give him everything so he can grow well,” followed by “If it’s a daughter, I’ll hit her and lock her at home.”

When the MC asked why, CAP said, “It’s dangerous out there,” which raised some controversy.

Teen Top members briefly commented on CAP’s remarks, saying, “Wouldn’t it be more dangerous at home?” These sexist remarks have prompted hot discussion on Internet sites.

Netizens have reacted to the controversial remarks, making comments like “It really would be more dangerous at home,” “I would be too afraid to go home,” “No matter how ugly the world is, it’s better than a father who beats his daughter,” and “This is the start of domestic violence.”

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Who sleeps the most in Teen Top?


아주 세상을 편하게 사는 사람~ 그누구도 캡만큼 잠을잘순 없을거야 ~ 누가 데려가도 모르겠다 와서 보쌈해가실분~ 제발 데려가주세요~~ – niel-

[TRANS] The person who is living very comfortably in this world~ No one can sleep as much as CAP~ I don’t know who may will come and take him go, but anyone who want to come and then keep him~ please take him go ~~~ -niel-

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C.A.P. refuses to get married but no one listens

  • At what age do you want to get married?
  • C.A.P.: I don’t want to get married
  • Chunji: 30!!!
  • What place do you want to go to for your honeymoon?
  • C.A.P.: I’m not getting married
  • Niel: I want to go to Guam!!
  • How would you propose?
  • C.A.P.: I’m not getting married
  • Ricky: whoah… with a quick kiss!!
  • How many kids do you want after marriage?
  • C.A.P.: I’m not getting married
  • L.Joe: 2!
  • After getting married, what kind of husband do you want to be?
  • C.A.P.: there is no after getting married
  • Changjo: I’ll wake up in the morning and cook!! a husband with aegyo!! ㅋㅋ
  • What if your parents were opposed to the wedding?
  • C.A.P.: it seems like they might be opposed to my not getting married…
  • Changjo: if I really love her and can’t give her up!! I’ll get married secretly


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Teen Top’s successful fan meeting in Japan




오오오!!!!! 이제 일본엔젤분들과 팬미팅을!!!! 헉~~~ 저희 틴탑 보여두리겠습니당!!! 리키였습니다


Oh Oh Oh!!!!! Fanmeeting with Japanese Angels now !!!! Huk~~~ We will present you Teen Top!!! This was Ricky





오 맛있는 포테이토 ~~~^^ 이 아까운걸 어찌 먹으리오~~ 여러분 틴탑 엔젤여러분과 즐거운 팬미팅이후 맛있는 밥을 먹어용~ 오늘 넘 즐거웠어요 캡형 ! 그만좀 먹어라!!!-니엘-


Oh a delicious potato ~~~^^ How are we going to eat this food~~ Everyone Teen Top is having a delicious dinner after the fanmeeting with Angels~ I had a fun day today CAP Hyung ! Please stop eating!!!-Niel-


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Teen Top having delicious dinner


오 맛있는 포테이토 ~~~^^ 이 아까운걸 어찌 먹으리오~~ 여러분 틴탑 엔젤여러분과 즐거운 팬미팅이후 맛있는 밥을 먹어용~ 오늘 넘 즐거웠어요 캡형 ! 그만좀 먹어라!!!-니엘-

[TRANS] Oh a delicious potato ~~~^^ How are we going to eat this food~~ Everyone, Teen Top is having a delicious dinner after the fanmeeting with Angels~ I had a fun today. CAP Hyung ! Please stop eating!!!-Niel-

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