CNBLUE MBLAQ After School Rania Suju Davinchi in Chile


[Ryeowok] @ryeong9: CNBLUE, MBLAQ, After School, Rania, Davichi and Suju in Chile kkk We ate lunch together in a wine farm and on the grass~ It was fun~ㅋㅑㅋ

@ryeong9 씨엔블루 엠블랙 애프터스쿨 라니아 슈주 다비치 in Chile ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 정말 와인농장에서 밥먹고 잔디밭에서 옹기종기 ~ 잼났음 ~~ㅋㅑㅋㅑ

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Jeon Woo Chi begins filming


Jeon Woo Chi starts filming and here are some pictures of Cha Tae Hyun as Jeon Woo Chi. Looks interesting and maybe bit funny also since there are no special effects in these picture.

Jeon Woo Chi starts Cha Tae Hyun as the title character, After School’s Uee as the leading lady and also Bake Jin Hee, Jooyeon, Jo Ha Rang, Hong Jong Hyun among the others.

Jeon Woo-chi follows Nice Guy and premieres November 21 on KBS

NU’EST, “Male version of After School?” It’s kinda burdened us.

“The title song, ‘FACE’ genre is Dubstep; electronic dance music that originated in Europe. Although it’s the song that we use when we debuting, We participate a lot for this single album. Especially, Aron and JR participating in writing lyrics for the Album intro song. It’s really different with any other songs.”

“The point for this song is the performance. We prepared a various performances including ‘chair performance.“

Baekho, “I do Komdo for 7 years and i’m an expert on it. I like Komdo, And i really want to be a singer, But because i live in Countryside, I don’t know how to be a singer. But i accidentally join a casting, and now i came (to Seoul) to practicing.”

Aron, “I lived in US for 19 years. I participated on Pledis Audition. Then I ranked 1st(smile). I sang Ne-yo’s ‘So sick’ and also do the rapping part that time . Then, i came to Korea and met these kids. At first, I don’t really can speak korean and it’s so tiring. But, with members’ help, I’m doing well now.”

JR “Other than sleeping, we only use our time for practicing. We go to school as we preparing for the debut. There’s no dating prohibition in Agency, but we can’t date (Because of lack of time). If we have a spare time, I’d like to go watch movie or sleep at dorm. We are really busy.”

“People think of us as ‘After School Boys, Male version of After School’. Because After School sunbaenims are really famous for their performance, there’s time when they’re really looking forward for us when they see us. We don’t want to make them dissapointed, I think that made us work harder.”

JR, “Actually, we really burdened. Because After School sunbaenims dance so well, I feel that we need to do our best to not harm After School’s name. We’re really doing our best.”

“Of course, We want to have energetic and cool performance like DBSK sunbaenims. When Big Bang sunbaenims are performing, it seems like they enjoy it a lot and also, they’re really interactive with fans. We even think ‘I hope we can do as well as them’. All sunbaenims really give influences to us. I’m really inspirated, and i will work harder to do it together with a great sunbaenims.”

“But rather than to be the ‘2nd’ (T/N : 2nd like “2nd DBSK” or “2nd Big Bang”) we want to be something new. We really want to make something new. When people listen to our song, we want people to say ‘Seems like I know this song’. When people are listening to our song, I really want to hear ‘It’s NU’EST Style’ from them“.

“We really want to achieve Rookie awards this year. And I hope we can reach the top, 10 years later, on Entertainment industry. We want to be the group that when we ask people that walking on street, they know our names and know our famous songs.”

Source: Tvdaily

Translation credits: @thenuest

UEE reveals that she makes the most income within After School

UEE revealed the revenue structure and division of profits within the group After School.

On February 25th, UEE guested on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly popular segment – Guerrilla Date‘.

During the recording, UEE confidently revealed that she made the most income among the After School members. After her debut, UEE participated in many solo activities, from variety shows to modeling in CFs to dramas. On top of this, unlike other idol groups, she stated that After School accurately divides the income according to their solo activities, making UEE’s revelation about her inflated income understandable.

Also, regarding her solo activities, UEE emphasized, “I will not leave After School. I’m going to stick with them until the very end. I could one day honorably graduate from the group, but I won’t ever give up on them.”

Source: Newsen via Nate

source – latest in kpop

After School Becomes Official Models for Samantha Thavasa

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After School has become the new models for global handbag line ‘Samantha Thavasa’.

This popular handbag line is sold in many places including South Korea, Japan, New York, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong among many other countries.

A representative from Samantha Thavasa stated After School was chosen because of their “…powerful and attractive charm“. The representative also discussed their personas while engaging in a photo shoot and said “…eight active members have individual alluring charms which caused a friendly atmosphere…“.

While the group was conducting the photo session a song they recorded called “Just in Time” was playing in the background. This song will used as part of their upcoming campaign. This song will be on their first full length Japanese album being released in April.

After School’s ads will be released in February though the company’s official Facebook page, blogs and other social media outlets.

Most of the members of After School can be seen in the photo below at a Samantha Thavasa event on November 5, 2011 where they were special guests.

Source: thestar & seirokudes via rayhch89 + Trans: AfterSchoolDaze
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Netizens Wonder – Are Lizzy & Seungyeon Twins?

I agree they look like twins. I was watching Pit-a-Pat and I had a hard time differentiating between the two.


Three pictures of Lizzy along with three photos of Seungyeon from Kara were uploaded to online sites today for facial comparisons.

Many netizens feel the idol groups members look very similar to one another and could pass as twins.

Though some netizens wanted to compare and judge the two women’s looks on personals scales most were content with leaving comments like “Twins?” and “Sisters?” due to Lizzy and Seungyeon’s striking resemblance.

Credit: Nate & nate + Trans: AfterSchoolDaze

Kim Hyunjoong, After School, B1A4, The Boss and more in this week’s Oricon rankings

Today’s charts show us the release of Kim Hyunjoong‘s debut Japanese solo single “Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy”, which made it to the 2nd place in the daily rankings with 71,821 copies sold. After School‘s “Rambling Girls/Because of You” snatched away the 6th spot.

The daily album charts, however, show us that B1A4‘s predebut release of their Korean albums made it to the 13th spot.

The Boss‘s “Love Letters” sold 14,379 copies in its first week, resulting in a 7th spot on the Oricon weekly charts. Se7en‘s comeback mini album got to the 13th place with 9,524 copies sold. A surprise appearance by T-ara with 2,818 copies of their newest Korean mini album was noted to be at the 31st spot.

BEAST managed to get up to a 3rd spot in this week’s DVD charts with the release of their latest concert DVD.

Daily Single Chart
02. Kim Hyunjoong – Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy (01/25)
06. After School – Rambling Girls/Because of You (01/25)

Weekly Single Chart
38. 2AM – Never Let You Go ~Even if I Die~ (01/11)

Daily Album Chart
13. B1A4 – Let’s Fly/It B1A4 (01/25)
17. KARA – Super Girl (11/23)
25. Girls’ Generation – Girls’ Generation (06/01)

Weekly Album Chart
07. The Boss – Love Letters (01/18)
08. KARA – Super Girl (11/23)
12. Girls’ Generation – Girls’ Generation (06/01)
13. Se7en – Somebody Else (01/18)
31. T-ara – Funky Town (01/11) Korean Release
42. TVXQ – Tone (09/28)

Daily DVD
04. KARA – KARADISE, in Paris (01/25)

Weekly DVD
03. BEAST – BEAST the 1st Concert ‘Welcome to BEAST airline’ (01/18)
07. Girls’ Generation – Japan First Tour ‘Girls’ Generation’ (12/14)

Source: Singles (daily & weekly), Albums (daily & weekly), DVD (daily & weekly) +koreaboo