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[PART 1] Special Interview with Global Unit Cross Gene to Commemorate their Debut.

Cross Gene is a Asian-Global unit with members from the 3 countries Japan, Korea, and China. From their debut in the summer of 2012 in Korea, they quickly became popular and gathered attention in Japan, but this March they have their long-awaited Japanese debut. After having prepared for more than two years, I spoke with them about their debut single Shooting Star and their thoughts on starting to spread to Asia and the world with their debut.

-We want to meet the fans as soon as possible

Q: Introduce yourself and say what you definitely wouldn’t lose to the other members in.

Seyoung: I’m Cross Gene’s Miracle Gene Seyoung. An appeal I have that’s different  from the members…I’m the only one who’s been in the military (laugh)?

Sangmin: I’m Cross Gene’s Organic Gene Sangmin. I specialize and rap and dance, so I think performing and dancing are my fortes.

Shin: Hi, I’m Cross Gene’s Presh Gene Shin. My attractive point is…(to the members) Should we do it together (laugh)? (To the members (I’m tall))I’m tall (laugh).

Yongseok: I’m Cross Gene’s Mypace Gene Yongseok. I’m…young. I’m the youngest, so because everyone’s older I receive their love. Except for Takuya (laugh).

Takuya: Why~!

Yongseok: It’s because Takuya’s scary (laugh).

Sangmin: After all, it’s his responsibility to pull everyone along. There are also times when he’s scary.

Yongseok: He’s the scariest.

Takuya: It’s not like that~ (laugh)!

Yongseok: …After all that’s not correct (wry smile)

Takuya: I’m Cross Gene’s Gorgeous Gene Takuya. What I can appeal with better than the other members is that I’m even taller than Shin (laugh).

Q: From last year’s profile you grew an each didn’t you.

Takuya: I’m still growing. I want it to stop already, though (wry laugh). Also, I hate to lose, for example in games and sports.

Casper: I’m Cross Gene’s Wild Chic Gene Casper. I’m from Shanghai, China. My appealing point is that when I do something with all my might, I’m strong-willed.

Q: You’ve waited for a long time for a Japanese debut, but now that it’s close what are your thoughts?

Takuya: Our debut is regrettable a little late, but to that extent, our feelings of wanting to debut in Japan have gradually gotten stronger, so we’re truly, and we feel “at last we’ve been able to come to here.”

Sangmin: They’ve been waiting for a long time, so we want to meet the fans as soon as possible.

Q: For Seyoung this Japan debut is your real debut, but are you nervous?

Seyoung: For me just about everything is a first, so of course I’m nervous. However, the members show a lot of concern for me, and now I am somehow getting used to it. They truly worry about anything and everything for me. Casper shows me dancing, Shin shows me facial expressions and things about the cameras, for example…I haven’t been able to do anything well yet (wry laugh).

Q: Shin’s photographing is his specialty, isn’t it.

Seyoung: He has a lot of facial expressions.

Shin: No no, it’s just teaching it that I’m good at, in reality I’m not that good (wry laugh).

Q: At the “Big” event in February, you stood on stage in Japan for the first time in a long time, since last summer’s showcase, but what kind of feeling was it?

Casper: While we were looking for it for a long time, for the sake of the event we practiced every day. It was a long time since the previous event, but we were extremely happy to be able to meet the fans this time.

Q: You first introduced your new debut song at the same event’s Kobe performance, but how was it?

Yongseok: Even though it had been a long time, we had a great stage and were very moved, and being able to meet the fans after a long time was fun.

Seyoung: For me it was my debut, we also sang our Japanese debut song, so we were half nervous and half excited. For me being a singer is my dream, so being able to stand on stage is a really happy thing, isn’t it. However, the moment I stood on stage, I was very nervous and my head went blank. I don’t know how nervous the other members were, but I felt more nervous than I expected. I could barely see in front of me.

At the beginning the original choreography was surprising

Q: What are your thoughts on meeting your fans firsthand at the handshake event?

Takuya: Given that there were fans that cried upon meeting us, we were deeply moved.

Casper: I was conversely laughed at a lot (laugh).

Takuya: It was a feeling like “don’t cry please.”

Sangmin: For me as well, when I meet fans now, spontaneous laughter appears. It’s because everyone comes to have a lot of fun.

Casper: If even though the fans are crying, Sangmin is laughing, it becomes “why are you laughing?” doesn’t it (laugh)?

Sangmin: My fans weren’t crying.

Casper: I wonder if it was Takuya’s fault they were crying (laugh).

Q: Your Japanese debut song Shooting Star has a different color than your Korean debut song La-Di Da-Di, but what was your impression the first time you heard it?

Takuya: “If we do this song at lives it’ll definitely be exciting, huh.” The melody is bright and has a bright atmosphere, so I thought I wanted to have fun with it at lives.

Shin: I thought “this is good.” It had a very fun and bright atmosphere, and it had various colors. We have members from 3 countries, so showing different colors is our strong point, but in the music as well we could represent Cross Gene, so I thought it was a good song.

Q: The dance is also quite unusual, wasn’t it.

Takuya: It is unusual!

Q: What were your impressions the first time you saw the dance?

Sangmin: It’s new.

Yongseok: It’s novel!

Takuya: At first…(laughs thinking about it)when I saw it, it was incredible. This time as well Kento Mori choreographed it for us, but it got more uncommon.  The first Shooting Star we saw and the Shooting Star now are quite different, though (everyone laughs). Learning it was difficult for us, but gradually good choreography appeared, and finally we were able to do something good.

Seyoung: I think it was hard for all the members of course, but for me especially I had a lot of trouble remembering the poses (wry laugh).

Q: How was recording in Japanese?

Yongseok: What was difficult about recording was…at first we didn’t understand the meaning of the lyrics in Japanese, right? Therefore because we had to try translating and singing, that was definitely harder than when we did the Korean version. While trying to properly make use of the song’s atmosphere, we also have to convey the lyrics’ meaning to the fans, so that was also hard.

Q: Does Takuya help with the Japanese?

Takuya: (jokingly) Say I helped you~ (laugh).

Shin: It’s scary so I won’t say anything (laugh).

Yongseok: (nervously) He helps…

Takuya: Isn’t that the truth (laugh)?

Shin: (in a small voice) Be careful…he can get angry later.

Yongseok: (dead serious) He helps us!

Members: (roar of laughter)

We want to make use of the differences in China, Japan, and Korea culture in our dance and singing.

Q: Were there any episodes during the music video filming?

Shin: This time the dance uses swords. It was our first time using swords, so sometimes it was our fault, and sometimes it wasn’t, but the swords would suddenly break, and we stopped filming over and over. We’d wait for it to be fixed, and then start again…because of that, it was an episode of not being able to laugh (wry laugh).

Q: The choreography is like sword fighting, but were there any hardships?

Takuya: Yes, the swords were extremely heavy. However, the only one to swing it easily was Casper.

Casper: Because I’m muscular, it seems like I’m doing it easily. However, in reality it was very heavy.

Q: In reality, when you performed it you were a little worried, weren’t you.

Casper: It’s hard, but you have to persevere.

Q: Before saying that, **someone** said “Casper’s dance is amazing.”

Casper: Truthfully, when I was learning from my teacher, it was going slowly. However, when I was learning dance, I would properly see and remember even minute differences. And then, while learning that dance, I’d think about what I wanted it to express. However, when I learn it once I also forget it quickly (laugh). Dance feels like a fun game to me. I always go to the office every morning at 10, then go home at midnight, but during that time I practice various things from rap to dance. This world has violent competitions, you have to work hard (laugh).

Q: I heard that Sangmin is good at acrobatics…

Sangmin: Recently, as well as learning combinations from things I’m already studying, I’m studying judo combinations techniques. I also have failures during practice, but that also gives experience, and before long the seeds of the great efforts from there bear fruit.

Q: Please tell us the goals of Cross Gene from now on.

Casper: Our group is, in both dance and music, special no matter how you look at it. For example, our dance is something that other groups haven’t been seen doing, so it probably seems a little peculiar. However, our group dares to do dances other groups don’t do, and we want to things that no other group before now has done.

Yongseok: First of all, we want to spread Cross Gene’s name. Not just within the genre of K-Pop. We are an Asian-Global Unit, therefore we want to create a unique Cross Gene color.

Seyoung: That’s right. Making use of being gathered from various countries, we want people say “ah, that’s Cross Gene’s song” when they hear our music, and know of our existence.

Takuya: I think we are truly a unique group, gathered from Japan, China and Korea we are a global group, and making use of that in our singing and dancing, we want to be able to show our own unique style.

Shin: Tying Korea, China, and Japan together has nothing to do with it, showing the world Asia’s music is my dream.

Sangmin: And then, with members from 3 countries, making the world one is our goal.

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VIXX heading to #1


Idol group VIXX have proven to be “scary rookies”.

According to Hanteo’s weekly chart, VIXX’s “Ready to Get Hurt” has placed first for the week of the 11th to 17th. They placed above Super Junior-M’s ‘Break Down’ and girl group SNSD’s ‘I Got A Boy’.

VIXX’s company officials from Jellyfish Entertainment said, “It was released a month ago but thanks to fans’ constant interest we were able to achieve this great result,” and, “Through YouTube and other online TV sites, international fans’ force has grown even bigger with their weekly activities.”

After debuting last May with ‘Super Hero’, VIXX has since released ‘Rock Ur Body’ and ‘Ready to Get Hurt’. Through ‘Ready to Get Hurt’ they have expressed the fatal attractions of a vampire. Last year they have visited the United States, Japan, and other countries to meet local fans and partake in overseas activities as well.

SourceSports Hanguk
Trans. crfyeah-vixx

What has AJ been up to since he left for university?

First Japanese post.

Hello This is my first blog in Japanese.
I am the freshman (1st grade) of the Columbia University.
I want to study(learn) a lot everyday at Columbia University and be good in Japanese. I will be doing my best.

See you!

Why am I learning Japanese?

Why did you choose to study Japanese?
-I chose to study Japanese because I want to communicate with my Japanese fans. Every time when I visited Japan if I had concert, even though I wanted to convey my words and messages, I was not able to convey my messages clearly. Therefore, by learning Japanese, I would like to become a step closer to my Japanese Fans

What are you excited, and what you find difficult after the first 4 weeks of the class?
-I am excited about the fact that I mastered the Hiragana; moreover, I knew nothing about the grammar in Japanese, but I came to know the fundamental level of Japanese grammar after the 4 weeks of the class.
-I can see how the level of Japanese is getting harder as day goes on. I am worried whether I can master Katakana like I did Hiragana. However, learning Japanese is interesting!!
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Takamura vs Bear

Today, my teacher(professor) taught us “Emotion” in psychology class.
I don’t know (why) but, the teacher taught us “Emotion” by using “a bear.”
This reminded me of this animation.
Takamura got fight and he defeated the bear.

Isn’t it interesting?
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The song which heals my heart.

This is the song which I like the most. This song is called “Hoppipolla” of Sigur Ros. I feel so happy from bottom of my heart when I listen to this song.

How do you like it?
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Vegas at night

Posted Image

Recently I went(flew) to Las Vegas by plane with my friend.
I felt very good (I was very happy) to meet my friend after so long.
This photo was taken from the top of the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It is nice view.

Posted Image

I wanted to see the circus “O” which is very famous in Las Vegas, but there was no seat available.
So, I saw “LE REVE The Dream” instead. Unfortunately, it was boring(sleepy).
Then, I saw “Zarkana” of Cirque du Soleil in NY.
I was moved and cried.
The Dream was not as impressive as Zarkana. It was a pity.

Posted Image

This trip was not that good.
Only good thing was to see my friend.
I’m looking forward to the next trip to Las Vegas. (I hope next trip to Las Vegas will be better.)
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Composition Homework

You will go to Japan to study Japanese next summer and stay weith a host family, the Yamada’s, while in Japan. Write a letter to introduce yourself to Yamada san.

Let’s write a letter to Yamada-san.

To Yamada-san,

At first, I’m writing a letter to greet you before we meet.
I am a freshman at Columbia university.
I’m not so dirty. You don’t have to worry too much since I’m a tidy person.
I would like to live in Japan.

I‘ll be arriving in Japan at 4:44 on June 4th next year.
I would like to meet you at Narita (airport).

Thank you in advance.
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Infinite, the songs made with Primary “Unit activities? Still undecided”



We’re expecting to see unit activities of the popular male idol group Infinite only next year.

Lately, the news that Infinite and the popular music producer, Primary, finished working on a CD are spreading; the possibility of Infinite’s unit promotions is raised on Infinite’s fansites and on every online community’s boards.

The representant of Infinite’s company, Woollim, stated about it on the 12th, in the afternoon, to OBS Plus “It is true that they worked on songs with the producer Primary”.

But this representant said “We’re not at the state where the recordings are ended nor have we set definite plans about the unit promotions” and“We’re planning to release a CD but the unit promotions are still undecided. If they get to promote it, you might be able to see it next year”.

Lastly, the representant added “We can’t reveal yet who are the two members who will have unit activities but we’re still asking you a continuous interest for Infinite”.

On the other hand, Infinite are focusing on their individual activities as the song ‘Shine’, of the leader Sunggyu’s first solo debut album ‘Another Me’, was released on November 7th and it gained the upper ranks on each music site when it got released, and L is, as expected, showing an enthusiastic acting for the MBC Sunday sitcom ‘What Is Mom’.

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Fans’ Nationwide Charity Campaign of Love to Celebrate EXO-M leader, Kris’s 22nd Birthday



Bearing positive influences such as goodwill and love from their idol, fans embarked on a nationwide charity campaign, all for the cause of celebrating the leader of EXO-M, Kris’s 22nd birthday.

6th November is the birthday of Wu Yi Fan (Kris), leader of the popular rookie boy band EXO-M. To cele

brate their idol’s special day, fans from all over the country has been working hard since August to launch a series of large-scaled charity drives. Such heartfelt efforts have attracted much public attention and praises.

As this is the first time celebrating Kris’s birthday since his debut this year, fans had taken this opportunity to show their love for their idol with more than 30 charitable activities, spreading across more than 20 provinces and cities, from Shenyang in the North to Haikou in the South, including even the areas of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

These charitable activities included (and not limited to) visiting lonely elderly in welfare homes, voluntary work in pet shelters, adopting trees, and organizing donation drives for the needy.

Significantly, fans also got to show off their artistic talents, for the t-shirts and mugs and other items sold during the charity bazaars that bore Kris’s likeness through fanarts. All proceeds from these fan-made items were donated to children living in poor mountainous districts.

At the same time, 2 students from financially disadvantaged families in Weining, Guizhou, were selected for long-termed education sponsorship in Kris’s name. With hopes of breaking the generational cycle of poverty and misery, may these children be able to change their destinies through hard work, and continue to pass on the feeling of warmth that Kris always brings to his fans.

Because love begets love, fans are turning their support and affection for their idol into kind-hearted contributions to gift back to community, and passing on the love in enthusiastically positive and rational manners to demonstrate their undying support even more convincingly.

Wu Yi Fan (Kris) is the leader of EXO-M, the Chinese sub-group of Chinese-South Korean boy band EXO, produced by S.M. Entertainment in 2012. The group’s dazzling new promotional tactics and outstanding performances on stage had gained them an immense following among young crowds, rising above the rest with unstoppable popularity.

With their lead single “MAMA” topping the Yinyuetai MONTHLY V-Chart for weeks, Kris led his fellow group members on stage to receive the awards for ‘Most Popular Group of the Year’ (EXO-M) and ‘Best Dressed Award’ (EXO) during the 5th Mengniu Music Billboard Awards on 17 September 2012. Their talent and good work attitudes has won them affirmation from fans and the media.

Production crew and staff are all praises for Kris’s humble and professional work attitude.

Currently, Kris and EXO-M have ended their promoting activities for their debut mini album “MAMA” and have intensely started on preparations for their new album. We believe that in the near future, they would present a better EXO for their fans and everyone else. Let’s us all anticipate their comeback!

Last but not least, now let us put our well-wishes together, for this modest boy who continuously pursue his dreams with relentless hard work and utmost humility, and who spreads warm and fuzzy feelings to everyone around him. Happy 22nd Birthday, Kris!

Wu Yi Fan (Kris)
Date of Birth: 6 Nov 1990
Labels: S.M. ENTERTAINMENT, South Korea
Group: EXO/EXO-M
Significant works: “MAMA”, “History”, “Two Moons”, “Angel/Into Your World”
31 March 2012, Seoul’s Olympic Stadium, Seoul, South Korea
1 April 2012, Great Hall of the University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China.

Source: 凤凰网娱乐综合( – page removed)
Credits: Writer: 云夕 | Editor: 张园园

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Fan Clubs From 26 Nations Donate 12 Tons of Rice for JYJ Park Yoo Chun’ ‘I Miss You’ Press Conference



JYJ Park Yoo Chun fans have come out, once more, in full force to show their love for the star.

According to Park Yoo Chun’s C-Jes Entertainment fan clubs from 26 different nations came together to send congratulatory rice wreaths for the star at the press conference for his upcoming MBC drama, I Miss You with some 12 tons of rice donated in all for charity.

n addition, 2,160 charcoal briquette packs, 2,000 packs of instant ramen and 100 mango trees were also donated by fans as well.

C-Jes Entertainment thanked fans once more for their overwhelming love and support and ensured all the donations would go towards helping those in need.

Park Yoo Chun’s I Miss You premieres on November7.

Photo Credit: C-Jes Entertainment

Article Credit: blaqfaith