VIXX heading to #1


Idol group VIXX have proven to be “scary rookies”.

According to Hanteo’s weekly chart, VIXX’s “Ready to Get Hurt” has placed first for the week of the 11th to 17th. They placed above Super Junior-M’s ‘Break Down’ and girl group SNSD’s ‘I Got A Boy’.

VIXX’s company officials from Jellyfish Entertainment said, “It was released a month ago but thanks to fans’ constant interest we were able to achieve this great result,” and, “Through YouTube and other online TV sites, international fans’ force has grown even bigger with their weekly activities.”

After debuting last May with ‘Super Hero’, VIXX has since released ‘Rock Ur Body’ and ‘Ready to Get Hurt’. Through ‘Ready to Get Hurt’ they have expressed the fatal attractions of a vampire. Last year they have visited the United States, Japan, and other countries to meet local fans and partake in overseas activities as well.

SourceSports Hanguk
Trans. crfyeah-vixx


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