Jinusean’s Sean Reveals that His Older Brother has 11 Children

Having four children is an accomplishment with the low birth rate in Korea becoming a problem, but Jinusean’s Sean revealed that compared to his older brother’s, his family is nothing.

On December 25, Sean and Jung Hye Young appeared on KBS’ Win Win to share about their love story, their good works, and their four beautiful children.

The couple admitted that ever since they got married, they rushed through eight years and popped out four children. The oldest is Ha Eum, who is seven years old, and the youngest Ha El is 17 months.“Before I got married, there was a family that became my role model. The children and parents got along like friends while respecting each other, and I decided that I wanted a family like that,” said Sean. “That family had four children, so I thought that in order to have a perfect family, I needed four children.”
But while four children was quite impressive, Jung Hye Young revealed that Sean’s older brother actually has 11 children, shocking everyone in the studio.“I have a brother who is three years older than me, and he has 11 children. Whenever I saw their family, my sister-in-law was pregnant.”MC Kim Seung Woo marveled that their family must be very fertile in general.

Photo Credit: KBS, Cho Sei Hoon


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