Yoo Seung Ho to enter army

Yoo Seung Ho is going from being Korea’s “little brother” to Korea’s “military man”.

The actor’s agency revealed on December 20 that Yoo Seung Ho had decided to fulfill his mandatory military duties once filming for I Miss You ends.

The agency added that the actor has every desire to enlist into Korea’s regular army forces among the front lines and not among the ranks of the military’s media or entertainment side.

A spokesperson for his agency said, “Yoo Seung Ho has a strong belief and will that he is a Korean youth first and foremost before he is an actor and that he must carry out his duties with his peers.”

The actor, who turned 20 in Korea this year, was said to want to serve his military duties with others his age, as most Korean men choose to carry out their mandatory service duties shortly after high school or during university, unlike most male Korean celebrities who choose to delay their enlistment until they turn 29.

His agency added, “As I Miss You will be his final production before he enters his military duties, he will do his best to ensure the production will be a meaningful one for him as an actor.”

Yoo Seung Ho will take a short break after I Miss You finishes filming before enlisting in early 2013.

Photo Credit: San Entertainment


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