Joo Won is the ‘Wink King’ in ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’

It’s not just guns Joo Won will be firing off in his new drama, but winks as well.MBC revealed new still cuts from the upcoming 7th Grade Civil Servant drama featuring lead actor, Joo Won.
Wearing a big pair of headphones over his head and casually dressed, Joo Won’s Gil Ro is seen in high spirits and strutting down the street as he fires off winks at a few girls.

The pictures reflect Joo Won’s character, who aspires to be like James Bond but also lives by the motto, ‘live life in a fun manner’.

The scenes were filmed in the Dongdaemun area of Seoul. Despite the frigid temperatures on the day of shooting, Joo Won cheerfully shot, and re-shot, his scene with the extras and finally successfully shooting the scene after a couple tries.

The drama’s production added, “The actors are being met with encouraging fans when they shoot in public which is acting as a big source of strength for us. The passion in this dr,ama is hot enough to melt away the cold temperatures and we will present to you a high-quality drama.”7th Grade Civil Servant premieres in January on MBC
Photo Credit: MBC
Source – enewsworld


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