Moon Chae Won Makes a Promise with Moon Geun Young to Visit during Filming for ‘Cheongdam-dong Alice’


Moon Chae Won hasn’t forgotten to support SBS weekend drama  ‘Cheongdam-dong Alice’ which stars Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo.  Moon Chae Won, who still keeps in contact with Moon Geun Young whom she  met in 2008’s ‘Painter of the Wind,’ “promised to pack a delicious meal  and visit during filming. (Geun Young)  told me they often film in Cheongdam-dong. So I’m really hoping to be  able to go visit,” she said with a cheerful voice.

“Since Geun  Young is doing a drama in a long while, I am really looking forward to  it. I’m also curious what kind of melodrama will be portrayed with Shi  Hoo oppa. So I told her I would surely watch. Both have ties with me.  But this time, the two have met and will act together in a melodrama so  it’s fascinating, delightful and fun. I think a totally different  melodrama will be portrayed than with me. A cameo? Will an opportunity  to do that come to me? (laughs)”

source: TVDaily
credits to and translations by Soompi Moons


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