Hyunbin discharge from military

Actor Hyun Bin cried as he spoke about his love for acting.

Hyun Bin attended a small discharge ceremony at the Headquarters Marine Corps in Kyunggi-do on November 6th. Hyun Bin saluted the fans gathered with a thunderous voice and proceeded to talk about how he feel about the discharge.

Hyun Bin stated, “It’s snowing and the conditions are not ideal, I would like to thank the fans and the press who’ve shown up today.”

He continued, “21 months ago I promised you that I’d come back a harder man and I think I’ve kept that promise. I think I’ve hardened a little and I can greet you all with confidence. You’ve given me so much support and so much of your attention that I was able to complete my military duty with a happy heart.”

Hyun Bin also shed tears on this day saying, “I wanted to act so badly”, and he was seen unable to continue talking for a short while. After he regained his composure he continued, “Even during leave I couldn’t act so I watched the hoobaes act and I thought how much I wanted that for me. And now the time has come for me to be able to act again and as much as you’ve waited for me I’ll work hard and show you the acting I wanted to do.”

Hyun Bin added, “I’ve gathered all the energy that I’ve received while I was in the military, so now I’ll give all the energy back to you.”

After the discharge ceremony Hyun Bin will be spending time with his family.

Source: Star News via Nate


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