Song Joong Ki, “Park Bo Young’s so pretty”

The behind-the-scenes footage from the movie ‘Werewolf Boy’ has been revealed.

‘Werewolf Boy’ has drawn more than 6 million moviegoers in just 26 days since premier and the behind-the-scenes footage from the filming location has been revealed which shows the charming actors as themselves out of the characters they play in the film.

The clip starts out with director Jo Sung Hee joking, “Song Joong Ki talks too much” and Jang Young Nam saying, “Song Joong Ki is too nosy.”

Song Joong Ki brought laughter pretending to clean his ears with a pencil in his hand which is like the scene from the film ‘Werewolf Boy’. Song Joong Ki was also cute complaining “I want to say the lines too” as he has no lines.

Jang Young Nam exposed Song Joong Ki saying, “Song Joong Ki is nosy and talks too much” but he also shared that Song Joong Ki was really caring despite the tough filming schedule and that he really took care of the staff members also shouting out hwaiting together at times.

Song Joong Ki felt playful in the scene in which he had to carry Park Bo Young on his back and said, “Bo Young is so light.” Park Bo Young was shy responding, “This makes me feel even worse.” Song Joong Ki smiled as he said, “Park Bo Young’s biggest charm is the really small face. That’s why she’s so pretty.”

Director Jo Sung Hee shared, “Park Bo Young was so loved by the staff that she was the goddess on the filming location of ‘Werewolf Boy’.” The staff members had thrown a birthday party for Park Bo Young preparing a 3-tier cake and even a red carpet.

The only bad guy in the movie Yoo Yeon Suk shared that he was disappointed to show only the evil side. Yoo Yeon Suk was cute in saying, “I thank the director and the staff for making me very mean.”

‘Werewolf Boy’ is a huge hit at the box office and it appears it will be surpassing the 7 million moviegoer mark.

Image: ‘Werewolf Boy’ behind the scene footage capture Source: Newsen via Nate


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