Hello Venus’ Alice’s shocking confession


Hello Venus’ member Alice revealed her affection towards CNBLUE member Lee Jonghyunand it is interesting how bold she was with her statement.

Alice appeared in the dual broadcast of tvN’s entertainment program “tvN eNews” on November 29 (11.45 am & 6pm KST) that revealed the history of “uncle fans” interest towards girl groups. Alice, a member of the rookie group Hello Venus is expected to be on the rise as she always appears in shows these days.

During the broadcast, MC Kim Sungjo asked Alice who her favorite male singer and she boldly replied “CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun”. To that, the MC even asked Alice to send a video letter (to Jonghyun). Unlike the other girl group members in TV shows, Alice’s bold confession shocked Kim Sungjo as well as Cho Jinsu and Hwang Hyeyoung who were also in the studio.

Despite being the “face” of her group, Alice showed that her sense of entertainment is not to be belittled. Her charm in entertainment was shown when she impersonated singer Hyeon Sook.

Catch Hello Venus’ Alice’s revelation about her inner thoughts and her strong affection towardsJonghyun in “tvN eNews” broadcast on November 29 at 11.45 AM and 6PM .

Source: eNews24 Translated by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm



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