Song Joong Ki’s report card reveals ‘The Ultimate Uhmchinah’

Song Joong Ki‘s 12th grade report card has been revealed.

Song Joong Ki’s 12th grade report card was revealed on the November 26th installment of SBS’s ‘Good Morning’, drawing all eyes.

The production team of ‘Good Morning’ visited Song Joong Ki’s high school. As revealed by the production team, Song Joong Ki’s 12th grade report card showed all A’s showcasing Song Joong Ki’s uhmchinah side. Song Joong Ki was a hardworking and dedicated student who did not miss a day of school during the 3 years of high school. (The high school years in Korea are 3 years, from the 10th through the 12th grade.)

Song Joong Ki’s dream in his high school years was indicated as becoming a ‘news anchor’. Song Joong Ki made it into Sunkyunkwan University as a business management major in 2005 after studying for an extra year after high school graduation, scoring 380 out of 400 points on the college entrance exam.

(uhmchinah = a slang that stands for mom’s friend’s son which refers that guy your mom raves about)

Image: SBS ‘Good Morning’ Source: NewsEN via Nate


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