So Joong Ki NG king

Some of ‘Nice Guy’ Song Joong Ki‘s NG’s have been revealed.

On November 20th, the making-of clip titled ‘Nice Eun Ma Roo last filming’ was posted on KBS 2TV Wed/Thu drama ‘Nice Guy’ home page.

The clim had an introduction that read, “7 years later, Eun Gi (played by Moon Chae Won) owned a small cookie store and Ma Roo (played by Song Joong Ki) became a doctor as he had wished and is living like the average people.” Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won both seemed to be having a great time, playing around with a child actor whose name is Myung Joo.

Both Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki started to speak the dialect that Myung Joo was speaking. Moon Chae Won complimented Myung Joo saying, “Your voice is so pretty” then revealed, “Oppa (Song Joong Ki) doesn’t memorize his lines well. Oppa really doesn’t memorize them well”, and she teased Song Joong Ki.

After that Song Joong Ki and Myung Joo read the scripts together and Song Joong Ki watched Myung Joo say the lines perfectly. Song Joong Ki complemented Myung Joo, “Myung Joo, you’re so good”, but unfortunately Song Joong Ki didn’t deliver his line correctly and the scene had to be re-shot. Song Joong Koo said to Myung Joog while looking at her, “I’m sorry. Oppa doesn’t memorize his lines well”, and the drama crew all burst into laughter.

Song Joong Ki’s mistake didn’t end there though and he again made a mistake filming a scene with Moon Chae Won. Moon Chae Won playfully teased him again, “What? What are you saying?” Song Joong Ki just laughed and out of embarrassment he opened the script again to go over it once again.

[BTS] Nice Guy Ending Scene – Song Joong Ki & Moon Chae Won ending hug

Image: KBS ‘Nice Guy’
Source: TV Daily via Nate,


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