Creative Director & Staff Tweets about Yoochun

[TRANS] Park Yuchun-kun. As we let him stand in front of the camera, he looks pretty. Whoever son he is must feel glad/proud/lucky. [T/N: ‘-kun’ is used when calling young boys or unmarried young men. I think the PD(?) refers to both of his parents, not only his mother ^^]


[Info/Trans] About YC’s rumoured Bank CF

오늘 유천이가 찍은 은행씨엡 외국계은행입 니다. 지면 + 티비광고 및 동시녹음 진행했대 요. 유천이가 맡은 역은 보이스캐스팅 디렉 터. (via Uncommitted11)

[TRANS] Today, YC filmed a CF for a foreign bank. He did magazine photoshoot + TV CF and synchronous recording. He’s acting as a voice casting director.


[TRANS] Park Yuchun-kun. Even though he’s got a busy schedule because of his drama, he attended the filming joyfully for 9 hours. I felt pity for him seeing him yawning time to time (is it fatherly feeling? ㅋ) The CM goes on air in start of December.

Credits: @tjap97 + @Uncommitted11 Translated by: Sheena(@parksheena6004) Shared by: JYJ3


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