Joo Won gets monthly allowance of 700,000 won

Although he may be getting a lot of money from dramas and shows, Joo Won revealed that he’s not in charge of his earnings at all.
On November 20, Joo Won participated in tvN’s Enews – Star Interview where he revealed that his parents are in charge of all of his money.
“My pay has increased, but the account is handled by my parents,” said the actor. “I get 700,000 won (~646 USD) as allowance every month.”
The interviewer asked if 700,000 won was enough, and Joo Won replied, “The time when I need money the most is during 1 Night 2 Days gatherings. The members and I always eat out after filming and take turns paying for the meals.”
Joo Won went to share that when it’s his turn to buy, the other 1 Night, 2 Days members always order cold noodles because the dish is cheap enough for Joo Won to afford.
“When I was a musical actor, there were times when I got 2 million won (~1,846 USD) to use for eight months. I had nothing after transportation fees and food,” said Joo Won. “If there was a work gathering, I couldn’t go home because the buses stopped running.” He added that sometimes he had to borrow money from fans to catch a cab home.
After hearing Joo Won’s allowance story, netizens commented, “As a celebrity, Joo Won is pretty frugal,” “Joo Won spends more than me,” and “It’s cute how he get allowance.”

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