Park Bo Young Trains Song Joong Ki

Actress Park Bo Young has been spotted training Song Joong Ki in real life as well.

Recently on an online community board a video clip had been posted titled, “Park Bo Young training Song Joong Ki, ‘Please wait’.”

The video shows Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Young, and Yoo Joon Suk during a theater stage greeting. The video starts with Park Bo Young being interviewed and during this interview Song Joong Ki takes a fish jerky out of his pocket and offers it to a staff member.

Watching this scene unfold the female theatergoers cheered loudly for Song Joong Ki and just as Park Bo Young trained Song Joong Ki’s character in the movie she told him, “Please wait”, and everyone in the theater burst into laughter.

Netizens commented on the video clip, “Song Joong Ki’s so cute”, “Park Bo Young’s excellent training skills”, “I want to watch ‘Werewolf Boy’ again”, “It’s like watching a clip from the movie”, and so on.

In related news, ‘Werewolf Boy’ has broken past the 5 million tickets sold mark and it’s still continuing with its torrid ticket sales pace.

Source: Review Star via Nate



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