10th Letter from the Angel

A number of Korean star couples stepped out for the babies.

On November 19, Cosmopolitan released photos of the nine couples who participated in photographer Jo Se Hyun′s ′Letters from Angels′ photo exhibition.

The released photos were those of the Kim Seung Woo and Kim Nam Ju couple, the Eugene and Ki Tae Young couple and the Tablo and Kang Hye Jung couple.

For the photo shoot, the Son Ji Chang-Oh Yeon Soo couple, the Kim Ho Jin-Kim Ji Ho couple, Park Jun Hyung-Kim Ji Hye couple, Lee Jae Ryong-Yoo Ho Jung couple, the Joo Young Hoon-Lee Yoon Mi couple and the Lee Chun Hee-Jun Hye Jin couple also participated to add more meaning to the good deed.

Photographer Jo Se Hyun said, “The Letters from Angels exhibition started off when I started to take pictures of babies just before their adoptions 10 years ago. The belief that these babies should be adopted into warm families helped me continue the exhibition for 10 years.”

The profits from the exhibition will be used to help sick children waiting to be adopted as well as to promote adoption in Korea.

The photos can be found in the upcoming December issue of Cosmopolitan.

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan
Source – enewsworld


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