Adorable siblings Lee Jungshin and Park Jung Ah



Actress Park Jung Ah and CNBLUE‘s maknae Lee Jung Shin took several pictures together.

On November 16, Park Jung Ah shared the photos along with the caption “We are the Kang siblings~! Sung Jae and Mi Kyoung resemble each other, right~~!?”

Inside the pictures, the two actors look close like nuna and dongseng. Both are sporting shorter hair with color at least 8 shades lighter than normal.

Netizens who saw the pictures commented, “They do look like siblings,” “Park Jung Ah has such a youthful face,” “‘My Daughter Seoyoung’ is so much fun!”

Both Park Jung Ah (playing the character Mi Kyoung) and Lee Jung Shin (playing the character Sung Jae) are currently busy filming for KBS’s weekend drama “My Daughter Seoyoung.” Their characters are siblings with an adorable relationship.

Do they really look like siblings?


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