Sergeant Hyun Bin together with Sistar

The picture of actor Hyun Bin taken together with Sistar is drawing the eyes.

Sistar member Dasom tweeted a picture through Sistar’s official Twitter account tagged, “Together with Hyun Bin oppa in the marine corps~”

In the picture, Hyun Bin stands tall smiling surrounded by the Sistar members. The members of Sistar look quite sexy in the picture.

Netizen comments on the picture of Hyun Bin and Sistar together include: “I think Hyun Bin looks even more handsome”, “Sergeant Hyun Bin doesn’t seem to be affected even when he is surrounded by sexy women”, and “Hyun Bin is so tall that Sistar members look like they’re kids.”

Hyun Bin is currently on leave from the military for 7 nights and 8 days and will have finished his military duties on the 6th of December.

Image: Sistar official Twitter account Source: Osen via Nate


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