Song Joong Ki came in 2nd on ‘Quiz Korea’ back in college, “Is there anything this man can’t do?”

Song Joong Ki from his college years has been revealed.

KBS 1TV ‘Quiz Republic of Korea’ has recently revealed a photo of Song Joong Ki from when he was in college to commemorate the show’s 10 year anniversary. Song Joong Ki participated on the quiz show as a contestant in 2006 when he was a college student and he finished in 2nd place on the episode.

After the episode had aired Song Joong Ki was given the nickname ‘Sungdae Ulzzang’ (Sungdae = Short for Sungkyunkwan University) and there were even online fan cafes created for him. In some ways the show had helped launch his career in the entertainment industry.

At the time Song Joong Ki stated, “I came on as a replacement because original contestant couldn’t make it. I finished 2nd thanks to a newspaper I read before coming on the show”, revealing a humble self even then.

In related news, the November 18th episode of ‘Quiz Republic of Korea’ will feature the ‘King of King’ special, featuring the winners of past episodes.

Source: KBS ‘Quiz Republic of Korea’ Source: Newsen via Nate


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