Han Ga In, “Married for 7 years, I want a son like Yun Jung Hoon”

Actress Han Ga In revealed her thoughts on having children.

Han Ga In attended the ‘KOREAN FESTIVAL 2012′ held in Singapore and she spoke about her marriage, husband, and plans for children on an interview with RAZOR TV.

Han Ga In stated, “In the past I had an obsession to plan for things and following them, but now I think a little more comfortably. I got married when I was young so I’m still a little young. I don’t have any plans like ‘I’ll have a child next year’. I don’t think I’m in a hurry. It could be a few years later. I’ve learned to think more freely.”

Han Ga In continued, “I want a son and Yun Jung Hoon wants a daughter. Yun Jung Hoon wants a daughter who looks like me and I want a son who looks like Yun Jung Hoon. It’d be wonderful if we could have a son and a daughter.”

Han Ga In has been married for 7 years now, but her love for her husband is still as strong as ever.

Han Ga In spoke about Yun Jung Hoon, “Time has passed so quickly. Next year will make 10 year since the first time we’ve met. I’m thankful that we were on each other’s side. I earnestly want to say thanks to him. He’s a best friend who’s been with me for so long that I can tell him everything and I can express even the most difficult emotions to him. He’s the person that keeps me emotionally calm.”

Han Ga In was also asked if she’d like to work with Yun Jung Hoon again in a drama or a film. She answered, “I don’t think we should star in the same film. I think it’ll be a little uncomfortable watching. Even if his character was very different from the real him, I think I’d still feel uncomfortable. I think it’ll feel strange”, and she burst into laughter.

Han Ga In is also widely known to be a devoted fan of G-Dragon and she was asked if it was true that she had G-Dragon’s photos stored on her mobile phone. Han Ga In answered looking shy, “Yes”, then she explained, “It’s been reported so much that I’m really embarrassed about it and it makes me feel very cautious about saying that I like him. I’m just a quiet fan who looks on from afar.”

She was then asked if Yun Jun Hoon doesn’t get jealous by it and she answered, “Yun Jung Hoon’s a big fan too so he pays even closer attention to him than me. It’s not that I like him as a man, but I like his talent as an artist and I like watching performances. Yun Jun Hoon really likes him too.”

Han Ga In and Yun Jung Hoon couple have been married since April of 2004. They tied the knot in only one year after they had met.

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate


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