Kim Jaejoong: My waist is actually 27.5 inches but I can inflate it to 35 inches

It wasn’t JYJ Kim Jaejoong or the top star Choi Hyun. There was only the actor Kim Jaejoong who is bright-eyed with expectations of soon having the public release of ‘Code Name: Jackal’ (Director: Bae Hyeong-Jun) the first movie he is starring in.

Kim Jaejoong who diligently acts as Hallyu star Choi Hyun in ‘Code Name: Jackal’ ruined himself literally. Kim Jaejoong here is completely different from the nice man in his previous pieces ‘Protect The Boss’ and ‘Dr. Jin’. While trying to survive, he looks pitiful, behaves in a servile and unmanly manner, though with a handsome face.

His efforts remain evident and untouched in the movie. It doesn’t need point by point explanations how he endeavored for his big-screen debut.

“It was a fresh shock. Because I saw my face in the big screen. Just as seeing myself in the television for the first time was amazing, movie was also the same. ‘Ah, it feels like this.’”

The top star Choi Hyun being kidnapped by the Killer Bong Min-Jung in a motel room is in danger of being murdered. To survive, Choi Hyun claims he is ‘fake Choi Hyun’ and ruins himself as best he can.

Kim Jaejoong who is a Hallyu star in real life and is a member of JYJ neatly managed to act being ruined. It might seem everyone would have dissuaded him or there would have been great pressure but he said with the firm attitude of an actor “I wanted to ruin myself more.”

“Of course my fans know a lot about me, but the public may know my image only as ‘Enigmatic YeongWoongJaejoong’. ‘That dude’s concept is enigmatic.’ I wanted to change this part. I wanted to show that Kim Jaejoong has other images.”

Kim Jaejoong had to shoot the film mostly being tied up with a rope. The locations were various; chair, bed, and etc. The fact that he couldn’t move plus the pressure of his first big-screen debut, gave him a hard time. Because he had to act using only facial expressions.

“It was tough. Because the location didn’t change, I didn’t move. Usually during travel time, actors have a rest, but I couldn’t do so because I didn’t have such time. Especially because I was tied up, I felt stifled that I couldn’t move. Eating meals, going to toilet, and sleeping while being tied up. I wanted to get out of it. Haha.”

As it is a comedy movie, Kim Jaejoong couldn’t help laughing throughout filming and confessed “I made too many NGs”.

“While pretending to be the fake Choi Hyun and singing a song, I put my real-self down. I abandoned everything. ‘Yes, I am now filming Jackal Is Coming’. The director told me ‘Do everything with every voice you can produce. I went out of my mind. Actually, there weren’t much details in the script. The scenes where I just tried received OK sign.”

Here, Kim Jaejoong’s having a trivial self-praise time aroused astonishment.

“The scene where Bong Min-Jung compares between the picture of Choi Hyun’s abs and the actuality was also the same [as the scenes where I just tried and received OK sign]. Protruding my tummy is my special ability. My waist is actually 27.5 inches but I can inflate it to 35 inches.”

In the movie, Choi Hyun is terribly stalked by a Saseng fan. The scene feels like the real Kim Jaejoong is being stalked by the Saseng fan. I wondered whether this scene was created for Kim Jaejoong or it was originally in the synopsis.

“It was originally in the synopsis when I first received it. Even though it is a very hilarious scene, people around me could not laugh because it seems related to me. I hope everyone can just enjoy and laugh at the scene.”

Kim Jaejoong attracted the attention of the public through a kiss scene with the 19 year older senior actor Kim Sung Ryung. He made a quip at the press conference “Though my spirit/energy was sucked, I learned a lot.” Also, Kim Jaejoong had a kiss scene with actor Kim JeeWon in a music video. What is his impression of having a series of kiss scenes that others can’t even have once a year?

“Such abundant kiss scenes. I did it by each age group. Kim JeeWon in 20s, Song JiHyo in 30s, and Kim Sung Ryung is 40s. I got a stroke of luck. Haha. Everyone envied me.”

Kim Jaejoong who is mesmerized by the charm of movies called himself ‘a lucky person’. I suggested a self-promotion for ‘Code Name: Jackal’ to Kim Jaejoong who says that he wants to decide on the next piece and show a new look to fans as soon as possible.

“May you enjoy it with a light heart. There are excellent actors in the movie. And everyone filmed it all of one mind. If you can find even a little piece of fun, you succeeded. Please try to find it. If you can’t, please watch it one more time. Till you can find it, keep trying~”

+ an excerpt from this article: Focus

Regarding the OSTs in the movie, it is a chance to meet Kim Jaejoong as a singer-songwriter. He composed and wrote lyrics to two songs, including the song Bong Min-Jung sings when she discloses that she is a fan of Choi Hyun. Moreover, he sang and wrote the lyrics to the ending song.

“The song Jihyo hums was originally urbane, but I completely changed it as the director ordered me to make it have the ‘90s feeling’. I compose songs in my spare time. Though it is a matter of time, I’m planning my solo album. I record songs in a recording studio in between times so that I can bring it [solo album] out any time. Come to think of it, I really lived life to the fullest in 2012. But what if the end of the world does come? (laugh)”

Translated by: @126×204
Proofread by: @jae2thejoong
Source: Daum
Shared by: JYJ3


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