CN Blue’s Gourmet




CNBLUE completed their first ever Arena Tour in great success. Since they gained favor in making local gourmet into lyrics and sang it impromptu, so this time the title is “gourmet”. What “gourmet” will pop-up this time?



YONGHWA –“Tour’s real pleasure”

When touring around various district/places, by all means I challenge to eat food of that certain region. Of course so was to this tour. This is, Tour’s real pleasure!! It’s tiresome at times during transfer but, going to that place and be able to enjoy the pleasure of things given, I’m really happy. It makes me wanna try my best even harder!




For me the best local gourmet is still Osaka’s gourmet. Aside from having memories when I lived there during my childhood, when you eat Osaka’s food the more you eat it the more it becomes “delicious!” I think. Though of course other regions foods are also tasty but, when I go to Osaka, it’s really mouth-watering that you’ll be able to see on the verge of fainting.



 MINHYUK – “Essential to CNBLUE”

Japan’s gourmet culture is really broad, for foreigners like us, there are lots of specialties that fits our taste. In CNBLUE’s tour, local gourmet is essential. After live or in between during transfer, eating those specialties of a certain region is really enjoyable. In this arena tour, there are places we visited for the first time, so I was able to enjoy fully the live and the food as well.



JUNGSHIN – “Definitely Gyudon(Beef Bowl)”

Speaking of local specialty product, Tebasaki (chicken wing) from Nagoya, Fukuoka’s Mentaiko (salted cod’s roe spiced with red hot pepper), Osaka’s Takoyaki (ball-shaped pancake with diced octopus), Niigata’s Koshihikari (variety of rice) and so on. Though I know delicious regional specialties exist but, what about in Tokyo? I’d got trouble thinking about it for awhile then…it’s definitely Gyudon hahaha

Source: PATI-PATI Magazine December edition


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