Infinite Members Surprise Sung Kyu at His Solo MV Filming Set

Though Sung Kyu is branching out to begin his first activities as a solo artist, his fellow Infinite members are showing they’re still standing with him.

Recently, Infinite’s Sung Kyu kicked off filming for his upcoming solo title track music video.

After secretly showing up to the set, the Infinite members emerged with a lit-up cake as they congratulated their leader on his first day of filming.

Despite their busy schedules and tired status from their ongoing arena tour in Japan, the Infinite members showed support for Sung Kyu as they joined the music video’s staff in wishing him  the best with his solo album.
The Infinite members have also been working earnestly to promote Sung Kyu even taking to their private SNS to tweet about the release of Sung Kyu’s first preview track, Shine.

On his fellow members’ support, Sung Kyu shared, “The members’ encouragement is providing me with graet strength. I believe as much effort I put into this, great results will come too.”
The music video and debut album will see its release in the coming weeks.

Photo Credit: Woollim Entertainment


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