For Kim Dong Hwa its wife before Shinhwa

While Shinhwa is an important aspect of his life, Kim Dong Wan revealed that when he gets married, he’s going to put all of his focus on his new family.

On November 1, Kim Dong Wan and the cast of KBS’ new daily drama, Cheer Up, Mr. Kim gathered together at the press conference held at the 63 City Juniper Hall in Yeouido.

During the press conference, Kim Dong Wan was asked about his marriage plans. “Of courseI want to get married quickly,” said Kim Dong Wan. “Three months ago, I finally moved out of my parents’ house, and after living by myself, I realized that I need to have a wife.”

“I began to think that no human being is programmed to live alone. If there’s a nice person and she agrees, I want to get married immediately,” continued the singer-turned-actor. “When I get married, I’m going to pour two years into my marriage. I’m not going to focus on Shinhwa or any other activities.”
Then he talked about the jealousy he felt towards Jae Hee, who recently revealed that he has a wife and child. “I made my debut at the same time as Jae Hee. When I heard about his marriage and child, I wasn’t shocked, but more jealous. I kept thinking, ‘I need to get married quickly too…’”
He finally said, laughing “My original plan was to get married when I was 35, but that’s already next year.”
Kim Dong Wan will be playing the character Kim Tae Pyung, who works odd jobs to provide for his four adopted children.
The drama will begin on November 5.
Photo Credit: KBS
Source – enewsworld

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