Leeteuks last few tweets before entering the military

special1004: 사랑하는 우리 팬들…!!그동안 열심히 응원해줘서 고마워요!!!오늘도 새벽부터 기다렸을 팬들!!추울텐데 감기조심하고!!!가장 그립고 보고싶을거에요!!!!울면 안되는데..

Dear our fans…!! Thank you for cheering till now!!! Fans which would be waiting from early morning!! Its cold dont be sick!!! I will miss you the most!!!! I shouldnt cry…

special1004: 잘있어요!!!!^^건강하고!!!!나 금방오니까!!!쫌만 기다려요!!!!!

Take care!!!^^ Be healthy!!!! I’ll be back soon!!! Wait for a little time!!!!

special1004: 편지 많이 써줘여!!!나 외롭지 않게!!!!!^_^

Write a lot of letters!!!! so that I won’t be lonely!!!!!^_^

Source – Leeteuk’s twitter

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