Seo In Guk wants to get married early

Through Yoon Yoon Jae and Yoo Seung Gi, Seo In Guk is currently celebrating his life as a popular actor.

In a recent interview with CeCi magazine, Seo In Guk talked tvN’s Reply 1997 and MBC’s Rascal Sons, as well as Mnet’s Superstar K.

When he arrived on the photo shoot for CeCi, he became incredibly excited over all the different props ready to be used. Still a young 20-something year old, Seo In Guk playfully kept the shoot’s atmosphere bright and funny.
He embraced all the clothes and props that were thrown at him, proving that he is a man who makes everything anything work.
On his success in both singing and acting, he said, “Opportunities can come to anyone. They say that in order to grab those chances, you need to be prepared and ready, but acting was something I never expected.”
“I just went to an audition because of manager. The director liked my accent acting and cast me in Love Rain.”
Seo In Guk also shared that he didn’t like children until his role as Yoo Seung Gi on Rascal Sons. “I really didn’t like children before. But now when Boram, who acts as my son, comes running to me saying, ‘Daddy~,’ I love it. I go crazy. At times like that, I want to get married early.”
The entire pictorial and interview can be found in the November issue.
Photo Credit: CeCi
Source – enewsworld

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