Miss A’s Suzy Picks her Most Memorable On-Screen Kiss

Being everyone’s first love, miss A’s Suzy kissed quite a few men during her career, but when asked which one stood out the most, she only had one answer.
On October 25, Suzy appeared on KBS Happy Together along with Haha, and comedians Park Soo Hong and Song Eun I.
She was asked on the show which on-screen kiss was most memorable to her, and she replied that the kiss with Kim Soo Hyun in KBS’ Dream High stood out the most.
“It was the last shooting for Dream High. When we finished that scene, the drama would be completely over,” shared Suzy, “Because it was the last shooting, the director and the staff members were all crying, and since it was a sad scene, I was able to get into the mood even better, so it lingers in my mind more.”
Suzy also touched upon her ‘first kiss’ with Lee Je Hoon in the movie Architecture 101, where Lee Je Hoon kisses Suzy while she’s asleep with her head on his shoulder.
“When I was filming that with Lee Je Hoon, I was actually really sleeping because I was so tired. It was also very cold, so my mind was all over the place,” said Suzy, “It probably seemed real because I was really sleeping.”
Photo Credit: KBS
Source- enewsworld

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