Kim Soo Hyun’s Manager Arrested for Multiple Incidents of Sexual Violence

Kim Soo Hyun’s manager has been arrested for multiple charges of sexual violence.
Seoul’s Gangnam Police Agency revealed on October 25 it had arrested a 24 year old Mr. Lee, a manager of Kim Soo Hyun, on charges of sexual assault.
According to the police, during a period between November of last year through last month, Mr. Lee sexually assaulted and raped multiple women, in both Seoul and Busan.

The investigation by the police revealed up to six women so far, in their 20s through 30s, have been victims with many of them being assaulted and raped in their own homes after being followed by Mr. Lee. The most recent victim was a woman who was followed to her Cheongdam-dong home on the evening of September 16 where she was raped.
A police agency spokesperson shared, “After investigating the sexual violence cases we conducted a DNA test after arresting Mr. Lee and was able to conclude he was the perpetrator. It is difficult for us to say, at this time, how he abused the women.”
The police added it believes there are additional victims and are widening the investigation.
The case has caught Kim Soo Hyun and his agency, Key East, completely off guard with many saying Mr. Lee was a hardworking and upright-seeming individual.
Key East so far, has yet to issue an official statement, but sources close to Kim Soo Hyun have emphasized the incident is unrelated to Kim Soo Hyun himself and added that the manager was not an exclusive manager of the actor.
Photo Credit: Hea Jung Min
Source – enewsworld

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