Key East Releases Official Stance on Manager Rape Incident

On October 25, Key East said, “First we wish to apologize for the involvement of one of our managers in a scandalous incident. The manager has been working with us for about a year, and has been in charge of the company artists′ schedules.”
It added, “The schedule manager (road manager) is not in charge of any one specific artist, but works schedule to schedule, and has nothing to do with official promotions; this is taken up by the director in charge,” correcting news reports that said the manager was Kim Soo Hyun′s manager.
The release also talked about how Kim Soo Hyun feels about the incident.
“We haven′t been able to reach the manager for two days now, and we are also trying to find out what exactly happened. The company and Kim Soo Hyun himself are confused that his name came up when he has nothing to do with the incident,” it said.
“We should have set an example when so many people care for our actors and company issues, but we weren′t able to care for our employees, leading to the occurence of such an incident. We apologize for this. We promise that we will supervise our employees more strictly and be more cautious in recruiting new members.”
On the day Key East spoke up, the Gangnam Police Agency had filed for an arrest warrant against a Key East manager, charging him for breaking into women′s homes and raping them.
The manager is under suspicion of raping six women in their 20s and 30s from November 2011 to September 2012.
Source – enewsworld

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