Sean and Jung Hye Young Celebrate 8th Anniversary by Volunteering

Forever the charitable couple, Sean and actress Jung Hye Young celebrated their eighth year as a married couple together by giving back to the community.

On October 23,Sean posted on his Instagram, “October 8, our eighth anniversary, 366 days, and 3,660,000 won. For our wedding anniversary, Hye Young and I visited the Bap For organization again. We gave them the 3,660,000 won that we’ve been saving up every single day, 10,000 won at a time, since our last anniversary, and volunteered the day to the homeless and the elderly that stopped by.”

He added, “Because of the leap month this year, one more day for us to donate 3,660,000 won. It was an eight anniversary to be thankful for to be able to add in 10,000 won more. Since our wedding, this is the eighth time that we’ve saved up 10,000 won a day for one whole year. Until the day there are no more hungry people, Hye Young and I promised once again to live gratefully by sharing happiness every day.”
Bap For is a volunteer organization that provides warm meals for those who are hungry. Sean and Jung Hye Young have been volunteering at the organization for more than eight years to spread happiness to those who need it.
Photo Credit: Sean’s Instagram
Source – enewsworld

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