Jun.K’s Fancafe Message

121017 Jun.K’s Fancafe Message

Hello everyone
It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here like this. Everyone is doing well right? I am doing well.. Nowadays I’ve been spending lots of time at the work room..^^ What I want to tell everyone is nothing other than that I have changed my real name. I know there’s many people that are confused. Since early this year, my family has given their opinion to change my name, and I’ve been worrying, thinking about it for a few months, including our CEO Jinyoung hyung, manager, our company staff etc.; we’ve been thinking and worrying about it all this while. In the end, I think that following my family’s opinion is the right thing to do and I changed my name to “Minjun”. For my official stage name, I will go by the name Jun.K. Everyone, I’m so sorry for confusing everyone so suddenly. But I do believe that (the fans) will understand the situation I’m currently in more than anyone else will. I believe in our HOTTEST and I am always thankful to you guys^^ Suddenly the weather has been cold. Do go around wearing warm clothes!! While anticipating the day we can meet.. Then, I will go now… I will come here frequently^^

Translated by KimBoPeepOppa @ JunkayStreet


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