On Faith: Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun run away to say goodbye



Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun will run away to say goodbye on SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Faith.

On the nineteenth episode of the series, which will air on October 15, Lee (plays the role of Choi Young) brings Kim (plays the role of Eun Soo) to a place where time and space will be opened.

Pictures, which were released online, were taken while the actors were shooting the nineteenth episode. Kim has an emotional look on her face while looking at Lee’s face. Since Lee is not wearing a hempen hood, it seems as if he stepped down from his position.

Lee and Kim have to say goodbye to each other so that Kim can go back where she came from. Their sad and emotional performance will make the audience feel sad too.

A spokesperson for the series says, “Lee and Kim will talk about a lot of things together and express their feelings toward each other. Their sad love story will air through the episode.”

The nineteenth episode of the series will air on October 15 at 9:55 p.m

Via – Tumblr


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