Guerilla Date Filming With DBSK Shuts Down Due to Overwhelming Number of Fans

Reflecting DBSK (TVXQ)’s mega popularity, a recent TV recording in public had to be shut down due to the overwhelming number of fans.

Recently, the DBSK members took time to record for KBS’ Entertainment Relay. As part of the show’s ‘Guerrilla Date’ corner, the two members were being interviewed outside in public.

However, as Entertainment Relay’s reporter Kim Tae Jin revealed via his Twitter, “Today’s recording of DBSK’s guerilla date at 8:30 p.m. in Shinchon has been cancelled due to safety reasons. There were about a hundred times many more people than pictured and it was quite dangerous.”

The included picture showed a number of security guards keeping an eye popping number of people at bay.

It was revealed that the show had originally intended to film the interview with DBSK in the streets of Shinchon but due to the overwhelming number of people, the shooting had to be cancelled due to safety precautions.

DBSK is currently promoting its new album Catch Me.

Photo Credit: Kim Tae Jin Twitter
Source  enewsworld


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