U-KISS’ Dong Ho’s Movie ‘Don’t Cry Mommy’ To Premiere in November

U-KISS’ Dong Ho will see his movie premiere in November.

Don’t Cry Mommy revolves around the story of sexual offenders against minors and is directed by Kim Yong Han and stars Yoo Sun, Nam Bo Ra, U-Kiss’ Dong Ho and more.

The movie will first make its limited premiere at the upcoming Busan International Film Festival on October 8. After the movie’s screening, Dong Ho, Yoo Sun and the other actors and director will come out to greet the audience and share a discussion time with them.


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The dark movie revolves around a mother (Yoo Sun) who loses her only daughter to a group of delinquent high school students. Deciding to take justice into her own hands, the mother viciously goes after the high school students with unforeseen consequences for both the mother and perpetrators. Dong Ho stars as Jo Han, the classmate of Yoo Sun’s daughter, Eun Ah.

The movie will see its major premiere in November.


Credits: enewsworld + Daisy Entertainment (photo) + rocketboxx.net



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