SM C&C to merge with Jang Dong-gun’s agency

Jang Dong-gun (Am Ent.)

SM C&C, an affiliate of S.M. Entertainment, said Thurday that it had finalized its merger with AM Entertainment, a management agency for top-class celebrities including Jang Dong-gun, Kim Ha-neul and Han Ji-min.

“SM C&C will begin expanding its business not only in Korea, but throughout Asia after the merger with AM Entertainment,” said Kim Young-min CEO of SM C&C.

The company recently began business by producing the drama “To the Beautiful You,” now airing on SBS.

It also signed contracts with other entertainers such as Lee Soo-geun, Kim Byung-man and Shin Dong-yup. Comedian-turned-TV presenter Kang Ho-dong, who was on a break after his tax evasion scandal, has also signed a contract with SM C&C.

By Lee Hyun-jae, Intern reporter (

Credit: Korea Herald


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