Yuri’s ‘Fashion King’ beats YoonA’s ‘Love Rain’ in TV ratings

Before SBS‘s ‘Fashion King‘ and KBS‘s ‘Love Rain‘ even aired, people were highly anticipating both dramas because they would each be starring a member from Girls’ Generation. At the same time, there were all sorts of predictions flying around the internet on which drama would come out on top in ratings. TV ratings of both series from AGB Nielsen were recently revealed, and according to the results, ‘Fashion King’ triumphed over ‘Love Rain’–big time!

On March 27th, AGB Nielsen revealed that the first episode of ‘Love Rain’ recorded 5.8% in viewer ratings, much lower than what most had predicted.

On the other hand, ‘Fashion King’ drew in 9.2% in its latest episode, and did a good job hooking its audience with a fast paced story and an interesting plot. It also needs to be taken into account that ‘Fashion King’ aired a week before ‘Love Rain’, which could have been one of the factors behind its higher rating.

It’ll be interesting to see how the ratings will change as the two dramas go on.

Meanwhile, MBC‘s ‘Light and Shadow‘ recorded a whopping 20.6%, grabbing first spot in this time slot.

Source + Photos: Sports Seoul via Nate

source – latest in kpop


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