Bare-footed Suzy in sweatpants explodes with cuteness

miss A‘s Suzy reveals photos taken with a pet dog.

On March 25th, Suzy wrote on her Twitter, “NO ONE LIkes TO BE ALONE” and included the photo above.


With her bare feet and sweatpants, Suzy looks quite comfy in her lounge-like clothing as she holds a dog tightly in her arms and poses with it, even giving it a kiss and showing off an image full of aegyo. Instead of being splendidly made-up, Suzy expresses her natural side and captures the eyes of fans with her pure and innocent beauty.

Netizens who saw the photos commented,

“I wish I could be that dog”

“Suzy is pretty even when she’s wearing sweats”

“Her expression is so innocent”

“Suzy and the puppy look alike”

In the meantime, Suzy plays the child version of Han Ga In‘s character in the movie “Introduction to Architecture” and is receiving much praise for her excellent acting abilities.

I’m not sure who’s cuter, the dog or Suzy. What do you think?

Sources: Suzy’s Twitter, Sports Chosun


Source latest in kpop


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