2NE1 remakes Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” for their first Japanese album

The four-girl ‘idol’ group 2NE1 remakes Madonna’s hit song. On March 28, 2NE1 is poised to release its first Japanese album, Collection, which features a new version of Madonna’s hit song, “Like A Virgin.”

The 2NE1’s version of “Like A Virgin” is a joint work with Fantastic Plastic Machine (FPM), a globally renowned Japanese group. It received a favorable evaluation that the new version contained improved modern taste than its original.

The song is expected to be played as the main theme song for a Japanese TV commercial. In addition to this, the album also features “Scream,” “Love is Ouch.” “Fire,” and “I Don’t Care.”

Recently, 2NE1 revealed the jacket of the new album. In the cover, 2NE1’s members presented a variety of conceptual images from feminine air to charismatic appeals.

As soon as the album is released, 2NE1 charges into enthusiastic activities in Japan. On March 31, 2NE1 will stand on stage of Spring Groove Festival, Japan’s largest R&B festival, along with Big Bang, a group belonging to the same agency as 2NE1.

Spring Groove marks the fifth anniversary this year, featuring global stars as well as Japanese top musicians. 2NE1 is planning to display a joint performance with LMFAO, leading the global craze for shuffle dance, and electronic DJ David Guetta.

source: starnews + bbspazz


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