CJ E&M launches app for entertainment news

An image from the new entertainment app “enews24”

/ Courtesy of CJ E&m

By Noh Hyun-gi

Entertainment giant CJ E&M in collaboration with mobile carrier LG Uplus launched a smartphone application called “enews24” Wednesday.

The free app is a by-product of the online entertainment portal Enews 24 (www.enews24.net) which organizes information based on CJ E&M’s cable channel tvN. With three menus ― news, photos and star ― the program offers a convenient way to receive the most up–to-date entertainment news and photos of your favorite celebrities on your mobile device.

The news menu uses a photo-wall format where the user can see preview images for entertainment articles.

The photo menu is organized by individual and allows the pictures to be shared via social network programs like Facebook and Twitter.

The star menu gathers together news articles for specific celebrities from a three-month period.

It also offers a graph option where users can view a timeline of how many articles were published on a celebrity at a given time.


Credit: The Korea Times


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