K-dramas succeed with good storytelling, marketing: TV exec


KUALA LUMPUR ― Despite cultural and language differences, Korean dramas are gaining popularity in Asia and recognition in Europe and the Americas because of their strength in storytelling and marketing, said Markus Helbling, managing director of global TV entertainment festival Rose d’Or.

“I think you really know how to tell story. You do (dramas) with very attractive people and good marketing,” Helbling told The Korea Herald. He was in Kuala Lumpur to host the Rose d’Or Nominee’s Night, the festival’s first official event in Asia.

Markus Helbling, managing director of Rose d’Or

“South Korean TV producers are doing great, obviously, and I think it is a huge chance for Korean productions especially for dramas as markets are becoming closer and closer,” he said.

Helbling said he was surprised to observe the power of K-dramas spreading all over the world, even in Latin America.

“Nobody would have thought that Korean dramas would be popular in Latin America. I think Korean and Asian programs in general would have chance (to make inroads) in the near future,” he added.

KBS drama “Dream High” was nominated for the youth category of Rose d’Or on Tuesday. The drama was the only Asian TV program out of 36 nominees announced in Kuala Lumpur.

The Nominee’s Night was part of the festival’s efforts to bring more Asian TV productions to Europe and make the annual event more global.

“We want to get rid of this western, European focus. We really want to involve Asia, Asian market to Rose d’Or Festival,” he said.

Rose d’Or could hold local competitions or act as a local platform for regional experts and opinion leaders “because we want to represent the entertainment television market that is not just Europe but also Asia and also Latin America maybe in the second step.”

Helbling has been leading Rose d’Or since 2010. He is a former journalist and producer and joined Ringier Switzerland, which owns the Rose d’Or, in 2007.

By Cho Chung-un,
Korea Herald correspondent


Credit: The Korea Herald


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