Controversy grows over recording of JYJ allegedly assaulting fans

Controversy over fans invading the privacy of K-pop stars and the performers’ sometimes violent reactions is growing after the release of an audio recording of JYJ allegedly hitting and swearing at fans.

The 10-minute clip released by online news site Dispatch on Tuesday appears to feature Park Yu-cheon cursing at a fan on the phone, accusing them of invading his privacy. The clip is reported to be from 2009.

JYJ. (CJeS Entertainment)

What appears to be another member, Kim Jae-jung, can also be heard assaulting and threatening fans. He then warns the victims not to report the incident to the police. The fans had followed Kim to a bar, Dispatch reported.

“Do I have to live like this? I’ve been troubled because of you countless times,” Kim seemingly complains in the clip. He even calls after the fans as they run away from him, before assaulting them.

JYJ has been unavailable to comment. On Monday, the members left for a series of concerts in Latin America. The boy-band is scheduled to hold concerts in Peru and Chile on March 9 and 11, respectively. The artists are the first Korean singers to hold exclusive concerts in the Latin America countries.

The group’s agency, CJeS, also hasn’t taken any action yet, aside from to say that it is thoroughly investigating the incident.

A rumor that the three-member group verbally and physically abused their fans, including one asking for an autograph, had begun to circulate last month.

The report, however, is receiving mixed responses from fans and media. Some criticized JYJ’s reaction to their young fans, while others sympathized with the K-pop stars for the suffering caused by so-called “die-hard” fans stalking them around the clock.

Internet rumors have even claimed that some fans have intentionally caused car crashes to see their favorite stars up-close.

By Cho Chung-un and Yoon Min-sik
( (


Credit: The Korea Herald


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