A’ST1’S Chinese Member Haiming’s Becomes A Business Man

I am so glad to be hearing more news about what A’st1 members have been up to especially after hearing about one of the members suffering from cancers. I wonder how he is…


Haiming, Chinese member of A’ST1, has become a businessman in his native land China

Haiming made his debut in the group A’ST1 along with members Park Jungjin, Lim Hanbyul, Sung Inkyu, Byun Jangmoon, and Tomo in 2008.  The group was active until 2009.  Since then Haiming has returned to China and established his own entertainment agency.

Haiming’s company “Hwami Shidae Entertainment” is involved in various fields such as drama production and management.  Recently, they’ve finished the shooting for a drama which is already scheduled for broadcast in China.

Haiming who visited Korea recently told enews “while doing activities in Korea, I’ve always had an interest in management; because of this, I’ve decided to start a company in China. I also hope to be able to maintain doing business in Korea”

“My father also runs a business and since I was young I’ve often thought about running a large business. I didn’t have much success with my activities in Korea, so I now have my heart set on business”

Haiming also made a guest appearance in the Drama “Boys over Flowers.”
“I’m still really thankful for the people I’ve been able to meet in Korea” he said.

“It’s been a while since I’ve come to visit Korea and was able to meet with the other A’ST1 members.  After hearing that Inkyu was suffering with thymic cancer I really wanted to meet up with everyone and was glad to be able to do so after such a long time.”

A’ST1 received the love of many fans with their songs such as “Yearning of the Heart” and “1234 Back,” but unfortunately disbanded in 2009.  Hanbyul is now a member of the group Monday Kiz and Tomo is doing activities in Japan. Some of the members have joined and started preparations with other agencies.



One thought on “A’ST1’S Chinese Member Haiming’s Becomes A Business Man

  1. ema says:

    they deserve more recognition…i am so sad…especially after the news about ingkyu…. hope he will rest in peace…hope all former member ast1 will become big someday….amen

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