A’ST1 mini reunion – Tomo and Hanbyul

Yay, Tomo and Hanbyul meet up as well!

“Star Large-scale Investigation!!” BTS ^^


Yesterday was the final day of BS Japan “Made in BS Japan Asia ♡ Love” – Special Week and my corner “Star Large-scale Investigation” has come to an end >_<

But, in my heart it’s not over yet!! 笑

Taking advantage of the break time, I will share some of the photos I took on my camera ^^

Today is this person ↓

Hmm, do you know who this might be? 笑

The reason why we took this picture up-close like this is still a mystery! ^^;

It’s Hanbyul of Monday Kiz!!

Of course we re-took it ^^ 笑

I was really grateful for this “Star Large-scale Investigation!!” >_<

Thank you~~~!

Look forward to the next entry of the “Star Large-scale Investigation!!” BTS^^ huhu

Source: ameblo.jp

Credit: http://bjmoonice.tumblr.com/


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