SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong changes his image into a sweet boyfriend

On March 6, the production team of Saving Madame Go Bong Shill revealed some photos taken at the shooting set of the drama series, in which we can see a variety of appeals of SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong.

In the drama series, Kyu Jong plays Niki, a cold-headed, determined character. In the photos, however, he looks completely different, changed into a warmhearted, sweet young guy. The photos seem to well reflect how the relationship between f(x)’s Luna and Kyu Jong would develop on the upcoming episodes.

On the 26th episode, scheduled to air this week, Niki and In Young, played by f(x)’s Luna and SS501’s Kyu Jong, is expected to show their sweet love through an interesting anecdote.

A representative from the production says, “The scandal of In Young’s pregnancy estranged the In Young and Niki couple, but on the upcoming episodes, their relationship will become closer and sweeter as they get to have true faith in each other. Their surprise kissing episode will never let you down.”

source – latest in kpop


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