IU to appear on fashion show and talk show prior to Japan debut


‘Warming up complete, now entering actual mode.’

With less than a month left to the release of her Japan debut single, IU will be kicking up her Japanese activities by a notch.

On March 2nd, IU will leave for Japan to attend Japan’s major fashion event, Tokyo Girls Collection, held on March 3rd, as reported earlier. Although IU is a rookie in the Japanese music industry, the organiser of the event holds her in high regard and is very impressed by her.

On this day, IU will be performing two songs including ‘Good Day (Japanese version)’, as most of the other singers who have been invited are performing only one song, IU seems to be a special case.

Following the fashion event, IU will remain in Japan for a week and appear on famous TV programs, as well as attend interviews and magazine photoshoots, and other activities.

Having already attended some interviews with the Japanese media previously during her Japanese showcase on Jan 24th, IU’s appearances on broadcasts will be going into full swing with her appearance on another talk show this time.

In particular, IU’s Japanese fluency will be put to the test this time as she enters her Japanese activities proper. Although IU currently still lacks the ability to deftly deal with the media interviews in Japanese, as much as possible, her conversational Japanese has to be of a certain level.

Translation:squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: Sports DongA via Nate


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