f(Luna) – Luna & Kyu Jong, being liked by Supervisor Nim


“It’s a pity that we will go back after we finish our shooting. Wanted to stay for a longer period.”

What sound is this? The time now had already past 2am. Although it had become warmer, but still feel that its below 0 degree Celsius when our toes get numb when we stood outside, its KyuJong’s turn to film. But these 2 friends still can’t bear to leave, and take turn to stroll around the filming area. Kyu Jong and Luna who first acted in a TV drama ‘Saving Mrs.Go Bong Shil’, had already become like newcomers. From idol to actor/actress, now they had just took a step out, from always being with their members, and feeling awkward when working solo, and, now, they are able to understand each others mind well.

What’s their first impression of each other?

Kyu Jong: I’ve watched Luna’s musical performance. I did not know that we will be acting in a drama together then, Luna able to perform so well at such a young age, and felt that she was very hardworking. At that moment, I thought “What did I do at that age?”

Luna: The makeup-artist that helped us with our makeup also worked with Kyu Jong before. Gave a lot of compliments, so don’t know why there was a close feeling that I had already know him before. But when we first met, while I was dressing up, he came in and only said “Ah, so. Do it well.” So, my first impression of him was a bit scary.

Kyu Jong: I was a little serious in the beginning. Didn’t have much to say. But when we became close with each other, its different. We have more things to talk about. (Laughs)

Luna: In the begginning, while looking into each other’s eyes, will have an awkward feeling too. But now, we have more things to talk about. (Laughs)

The first impression of filming the drama?

Luna: No matter what, I looked loss for the first time. Also spent a lot of time to adapt. Must personally experience the rules when filming the drama. I wanted to act, wanted to learn while acting.

Kyu Jong: (Secretly) Supervisor Nim also liked Luna a lot.

Luna: No! It’s OPPA that Supervisor Nim likes!

Kyu Jong: I’m on par with Luna. Previously as I worked with the members, I felt a bit awkward as I worked solo now. But while filming, I thought “Ah, I’m not alone. I am with all the staffs and crew members.” and learnt a lot as well.

Me in the drama VS Me in reality

Luna: I have a twin sister, to say the truth, I didn’t fave a fight with her before (In Young and her sister Yoon Young who had a wide age gap always fight with each other). We are really close. As we aged, we became closer with each other. I fight more often with my brother, my brother is more ‘man’. (Laughs) In Young in the drama sticks with her parents, same as me. My family works in the music industry. Mum and Sister make music, Dad is the conductor. Brother composes songs. My dream is to produce CCM album.

Kyu Jong: (Character in the drama) Is good that Nicky has a dream. Although he’s very busy now, but he can fulfill his dreams. I felt very excited just by thinking about it, because its like I have become a person filled with endless hopes. Also, as there’s no action scenes, I need not go to the gym to exercise, so there’s no burden. (Laughs)

Introduce our production.

Kyu Jong: There’s a film called ‘Garden Diary’ last time which was quite good. The feeling of our drama is somewhat similar to that. Able to see the same figure working hard for his/her own life. So, those who watched it will feel “Yes, I am also like that. We are also like that” and that would be good.

Luna: The drama also has the outline called ‘Miso flavour my story’. I think that seems more appropriate. Nobody will be looked down on, don’t need to go to the effort to hide, just like everybody watching the drama together.


Source: WOMAN CHOSUN + m.media.daum.net

Korean to Chinese translation: redcat111@Kyu’s金圭钟中文网www.kimkyujong.com.cn

*This is WOMAN CHOSUN’s interview, only parts related to KyuJong is being translated out)

Chinese to English translation: Bizhen@DS501fanpage


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